Turkey trip overview (with some nice crashes)

My wife was shooting videos during our trip to Cappadocia, so here is a video of our trip from her point of view :slight_smile:

Amazing footage of a grand adventure.

Thanks for posting it.

Superior stuff!

Awesome video!! That crash at 8 seconds in looked painful though… :astonished:

Thanks for sharing. This video looks like great vacation with friends riding in wonderful landscapes (totally jealous :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Whoa spectacular! Loved the scenery of all those hot air balloons-whohooo

i love it, the vid makes you wish you were there :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for watching!

Thank you! Yes, she felt on a edge and near of metal rod.

Thank you very much!

That flight on balloon was awesome! Worth going there, only for flight and unforgivable to left your muni at home!

Happy that can share emotions! Thank you!

Very nice

Awesome video… talented riders, beautiful scenery, and a great job capturing it with a camera

Beautiful filming. This is a great video :slight_smile: