I have seen a few people talking about going tubeless. for the people undesided about doing it I would recomend it. the only people who shouldnt are people who change tires alot it is a pain to reseat a tire everytime. also people who side hop alot.
if anyone has any questons please ask!

What makes tubeless better? Why do you recommend it?

I am a heavy rider 220lbs and have never flatted and the traction is unreal. I recoment it because I have run tubless on my MUni for quite a while and my b*ke for a long time and only flatted once (ripped side wall). and once you get it set up witch can be a pain kinda time consuming if it is your first time. another thing is that is is lighter than a tube and rimstrip.

How does the rider’s weight and getting flats relate to tubeless?
I’m not educated on this.

Maybe you can write up some pros and cons of tubeless, and some logic for how to decide what’s right for a particular rider.

No pinch flats
Heavy riders can run lower pressures
Better traction
Pain to set up
Pain to Change tires

sounds nice, but it looks like it will take more time to make it good than to fix your tire… ^^

  • I also got a lot of broken spokes… if you want to fix that is will also take a long time!!

The first time is a pain but I can change a tire fast as I can a tore with a tube. Another con is if you side hop it burps air but if you do a rolling hop it works great. I couldn’t hurt to try on just a cheap wheel.

Using low pressure in a tubed wheel increases your chances of pinch flats, right?
You can’t break the tube if it isn’t there, but if you’re running at such a low pressure to get pinch flats, aren’t you awfully close to damaging your rim?

At 145 lbs, I guess I’m not a heavy rider.
It’s the lower pressure that’s giving you better traction, right?
So if I’m currently content with the lowest pressure I ride with a tube, there is no benefit to going tubeless.

I thought less rotational weight might be a pro. But I have no idea how significant that would be.

When do you get your 5 gallon bucket of tubeless tire goo?


Why I oughta! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would so buy a 5 gallon bucket of stans!

Ha Ha, my wife would either shoot me or drown me in it!

I suppose it will reduce the weight for all those weight weenies out there.

What size wheel did you use. And I assume you used a tubeless tyre?

It did reduce weight. 24 kenda kinetics non tubless tire. 26 michelin dry2 tubless tire. 19 tryall non tubeless.

Less air pressure would give better traction, but go too low and it can get squirly and more likely to blow off the rim in big side hops. Also if you bottom out and hit the rim you could damage the tire or your rim. I’ve seen people who damaged the sidewall from running too low pressure, if you do this it’s usually not reparable. I have seen people do temporary fixes to their tire to get them home.

If you have no desire to lower pressure more, the only benefit would be less rotational mass.

Overall less is better IMO, but one benefit of more rotational weight is the increased inertia will make it a bit easier to roll over bumps, provided you get up a bit of speed first.

I think we have come to a conclusion here:

It seems that the only benefit of a tubeless is the reduced weight. This would help in trials, but the huge force you put on the tyre when hopping or landing may cause some air to escape. For muni, the slightly lower weight really will not make any significant difference- the wheel is still relatively small in radius and so any decrease in mass would only make a small change in the inertia of the wheel. Plus, with the normal inertia being so small, and the rider usually putting down a lot of force (more than enough to over come the inertia), a tiny weight reduction wouldn’t be that noticeable. And then you have all the aforementioned disadvantages with tubeless making it really not worthwhile for muni.

IMO, the only worthwhile uni to put a tubeless on would be a big wheel uni, like a 36er, where because the radius of the wheel is large, a small reduction in weight WOULD give a significant difference (reduction) in inertia (also the inner tube on a 36 in huge so heavy). Plus on a 36, there really isn’t that much force on the tyre compared to other disciplines, especially muni and trials, so a pinch or air escaping etc is not a worry.

I diagree I used to pinch flat alot in muni and none at all any more

To me it sounds like it just limits your riding more. I don’t like to be limited in anything I do.

You probably ran a very low pressure before then.

I ran 20 before and 10 now