Tubeless question?

I’m planning a 255 km Muni ride and am thinking of running tubeless with stans as there will be many prickles to slow me down.

I ride a KH 26 so if anyone has some hot tips on what to use as rim tape to seal the system would be appreciated ?

Use a 20" tube as rim tape. So rubber seals against rubber. Look at my tubeless conversion of a 24". I did it in early june and it’s still perfect. (for the 24" I used a 18" tube)

Thanks Eric
That looks like it will work well :slight_smile:

2 questions.
Do you leave the original rim tape in there? And do you cut the tube/rim tape low so the tyre meets the rim or is the tube/rim tape between the trye bead and the rim?

Gorilla tape

Use “Gorilla Tape” found at most good hardware stores.

gorilla tape

If you use a tube for rim tape why not just put slime in the tube?


I’ve had better luck as far as burping goes using a split tube. I can’t recall if I left the original rim strip in or not though.

I’ve tried Gorilla tape, but had more burps and a harder time seating the beads, but ymmv.

When I use a split tube, I trim the tube as close to the tire as possible (pulling it away from the bead and using a razor blade to cut it).

You’re still cutting out quite a bit of rubber, so it would be lighter than a tube + sealant. However, for me personally, tubeless is about flat prevention, not weight savings. I’d choose a reliable tubeless setup over a tube any day even if it weighed a pound more.

Remember, I said reliable. I have to feel comfortable airing it up with my mini pump on the trail side before I’ll use it. My 36er sports a 29er tube in it.

After many mountain bike and uni wheels, I am in the gorilla tape camp. But, I am starting to have thoughts about the split tube after a couple of leaky valve stems lately. Either one is a good choice.

I’ll be experimenting with packing tape on my wife’s bike later this week. It’s lighter than gorilla tape and reputed to be pretty good. I’m hoping it works, as our couch is not that comfortable…:stuck_out_tongue:

I left the original rim strip in there to protect the tube-made ghetto rim-strip from the spoke nipples.
The tube-made rim strip must be between tire and rim. When your ready and everything is sealed, you can cut the outstanding edges

I have had great success using gorilla tape to convert all my wheels tubeless. I did have one problem with a tubeless blow out but I think that would have happened with any tubeless setup as I was running the pressure way to low and she went kaboom down a drop down the mountain. :frowning: