try-all Sticky vs. Maxxis Creepy Crawler (CC)

Well i have a koxx red devil and so have always ridden a try-all sticky tyre. I really wanted to try the monty 2.7", but then decided that since i wasnt sure if my frame would fit it, and wether the weight was worth it, i decided against it.

So when i found a CC for sale on ebay for £10, i thought ehehehe thats mine

So i got it and shoved it on my uni. FIrst thing i noticed, the sidewalls of the CC are much thinner than the tryall tyre.

tryall +1

ALso the thread seems stickier, but there isnt much thread on the tryall to compare too, and on second inspection they seem to be equivalent.

The thread pattern is obviously very different, so i dont think a comparison is really possible.

As i put it on my uni i noticed that either the thinner sidewalls make the tyre real easy to put on the rim or its bigger than the try-all but it went on real easily without any lubricant or even forcing it (much :P)

The tryall took all my strength, some burning water and soap and some tools to remove the tyre. One point for the CC

CC +1

Riding is much nicer on the CC, because my tryall was so worn in odd places it was quite a bouncy ride. But overall i really can’t say which is better.

Jumping - Every trials tyre shoudl be good at this. Well jumping on stairs, its easy to see that more pressure is needed in the tyre to hop or else the tyre folds quite easily.

Tryall +1

Jumping 2 - jumping on rails is nicer on the CC, it seems to grip more, but hard to say since the try-all is so worn.

CC +1

Overall i’m pretty happy with my purchase. I needed a new tyre, and the CC is a nice tyre. Thicker sidewalls would be nice. Also weight is hard to say because my worn try-all tyre is lighter than the brand new CC.

You probably are thinking WHY did he make it equal ??? well cause its really hard to say. I think its alot of personal preference, and either tyre is nice. My advice is : if you got a CC get a tryall, if you got a tryall get a CC :smiley:

well when this one wears out expect a monty 2.7" review, i’ll check if it fits in my frame if i see someone with it at a meeting or sommit. I hope you liked my review

I suggest getting a monty eagle claw 2.6 next. It is like an upgraded CC.

thicker sidewalls, more tread, grippier tread.

yeah, you told me allready ehehe, but for a tenner, i couldnt resist, and i’m not sure my frame fits it.

hmmm, I think it would. but oh well.

where did you find such a good price?

edit: oh, ebay… are there any more?

no there was only one, ehehe thats why i didnt post it :stuck_out_tongue: its mine :smiley: ehehe

seems to be one going for similar price here:

Do you know which one is lighter? I know the Try All one weight 970, but I can’t fine any informations about the CC…

Is this what you need??? :thinking: :thinking:

Weight: 670g

Ok thanks!

But the weight is 975 for the 2.5, you gave me the weight of the 2.0.

Ok, so, they weight the same, this can’t help us to choose one of them.

It gives you a fair idea though. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

ive used both the creepy crawler and the try all tire, im using the try all tire right now on my orange bud because thats what it came with…
i took the try all tire off yesterday but i used some soap to help me…it was easy to get off…
the try all tire is a street tire but u can still use it for trials things…i dont really like trying to ride on rails on the try all tire because it doesnt have the flatness like the creepy crawler does…
so if ur gonna ride alot of street the try all is a better tire than the creepy crawler but if ur gonna do more trials on rails and rocks then the creepy crawler is better…
the thing i like most about the try all tire is the thicker side wall…this means that u can run ur pressure a little lower (For me about 25psi) and still get the perfect air pressure set up for hops…but if im gonna ride street and do drops i put the pressure up to about 30psi because wen its at 25psi its too bouncy for me…

actually the try-all tyre is made for natural trials… not at all for street. Lot of riders do use it for that though.

and when weighed both tyres they got
1120g for the try-all and 1020g for the CC

i can tell you that since my worn out try-all tyre weighs 1046g… i highly doubt that they weigh 970g. However the koxx site does claim it.

are you looking at the 20" one?

its the 19" trials or 20x2.50 wotever u want to call it lol

970 g is not the weight of all the tyre, it is the average.

Actually, all the tyre don’t weight the same, for the Try All ones, they can weight from 900 to 1050 g.

That is why you can’t weight just one tyre to get the weight of all… must have been randomly heavier than that even at 1120g… and anyways mine worn out weighs as much as the heaviest one…

You must be unlucky! (I don’t know if this word really exists…)

Who has ever checked the weight of its Try-All tyre??

PS: Sorry for my english language…especially today

I just got a KH20" and I Just ordered a Try-all tire for it to replace the CC. I don’t know if I’ll be able to write up a review on it too well seeings though I can only hop up curbs yet, but I might be able to get the weight figures together as a brand new comparison. I’ll have to see.

lol it’d be interesting if you could weigh yours.

and unlucky is a word monotim.

Guys, weight doesn’t matter… it’s a mere few grams. To be honest, an amazingly bouncy tyre that’s slightly heavy, is way better than a lighter tyre with little bounce.

Anyway, here are the actual weights, measured by an electric scale, both brand new tyres:

Try-All: 1113g
Maxxis CC: 1042g

And for anyone who’s interested:

Monty Eagle Claw: 1100g

Monty, is without a shadow of a doubt, the best tyre out for trials. It’s simply a creepy crawler but improved. Same style of construction, and it’s actually little-to-no different from the width of a CC which is a plus. Bouncy as hell, grippy as hell. I’ve used plenty of tyres, whilst Joe’s used every single trials tyre there has ever been (bar the salmon-wall Monty of pre-2000). We both 100% agree that the Eagle Claw is simply the best tyre for trials.

is he allowed to use the eagle claw? won’t his sponsership make it so that he can only use Try-all tires? or is it that they will only give him try-all tires?