Looking for 26" x 3" and 36" Triton frame

just post or send a pm


Did you win the lottery lately? Good luck with Triton, I’m not sure if they will really resume frame production.

There hasn’t been any 26" Triton frames made, and Osmundo owns the only 36" Triton in existence.

Best of luck though :slight_smile:


As only a dozen or so were made I think you will struggle, also I don’t think of those that any were 26ers and the couple of 36ers are unlikely to be resold. Sorry for the pessemistic reply but the reality is there are quite a few people who would like one of these so are in the same position as yourself

STM beat me to it by a few secs oops…

Perhaps try going for the new EB CF frames? They are much lighter, and you can probably get a new one for as much as you can get a used Triton.

The site is still under construction, but you can go here for contact information. I use one for street and it’s amazing.

Just a while longer, or so he said. Apparently it has been hard for the builder to get ti stock large enough to machine the bearing holders, but he wrote me on Monday to say that they were done and he’d be finishing the uni this week. Ideally I’ll get it by next week, but he’s been slow so far…

I’ll post pics as soon as it’s done, then forward all of his info so folks can place orders, that is assuming he still wants to build them :roll_eyes:

When he originally told me two weeks, I should have known better. But two months for a custom ti frame, and this being his first time building one, as long as it’s done well I can’t really complain. Custom ti bike frames often take six months or longer.


if you are shure that there will be build some triton frames i´d try to wait…
if not i´d like to start an other way.

this was just a post in case someone didn´t like his triton any more …

but its funny to see what alertness the words triton or titanium gets in any thread - from the same group of unicyclists:p:p:p

Erm…I was thinking of resuming the production of Triton frames.
Want one? :wink:

Are u actually serious? Lol

Read this: Custom Titanium Unicycles