Triton Feeler

I have a 19" Triton too and use it every day. I hope it will give me many years of use, but would pay a stupid amount of money to have a spare that I could also build up to do flat on.

I wish this had gone on ebay as I have just (about) sold my house so could have made a silly bid if it had.

well, to be quite honest. im not going to sell it, not yet anyway. i just cant.

you’ll never see this kind of quality on a uni ever again.

that and i didnt c any offers i thought were appropriate. like people think this is gonna depreciate in value (give me a break).

anyways, sorry boy’s. but if it ever does end up goin for sale, it’ll be up hear.

i can still post some pics though. a little uni-porn!

hey fresh snow here wanna try the conundrum out ? send me a message :slight_smile:

Fair enough. At least you were honest enough to admit you couldn’t sell it. :slight_smile:

Not to ride it though :thinking: :astonished:

Btw, if Dmitry returns (as he said he would) all thoughts of these frames as ever-increasing unobtanium will be dashed, so don’t never ride it for that reason.

I can assure you that function outstrips form with these frames, whatever you bolt them too…

Pics or it doesn’t exist :stuck_out_tongue:

ive seen it :slight_smile:

Sweet I think I finally have a decent representation now of who has Tritons.

Ken 29,
Spencer 36,
and seriousslacker?
I know I’m leaving one person out, but I forget his name, and I feel pretty bad for it. He was one of the original testers.

Also who has ridden more than one Triton in the same day!

The Triton CAD plans are floating around the internet still, you could have one made by a custom bike builder.

Isaac Lemasters

I didn’t know Spencer had a 36er Triton. Is there a pic anywhere? I have one as well.

Don’t forget Sponge, who got the original Ti frame collecting dust…

Spencer has a 29er Triton for his Schlumpf road hub (not a 36). It is very nice and lightweight and surely one of the best geared 29ers on the road.

I wish i will ever get an opportunity to see a Triton in real life, they get so much praise here :slight_smile:

Yeah, my Triton is a 29er. I wasn’t sure if the “Spencer 36” listed was that Hochberg chap or me, but mine is definitely 29.

For those that need their uni-pron fix, click here;

and here;


Sweet thanks Spencer, I kept on thinking it was Isaac, but I knew Steiner didn’t have one, so I was confused.

My bad on Spencer’s 29er as well, for some reason I was convinced someone had a 36 frame.