Triton Feeler

got the last triton ever made, and the only one that was polished. havnt even ridden it, its just hanging above my fire place.

and right now i need the money more than a piece of wall art. so im open to offers.

if anyone has any reasonable offers, shoot me a pm.

serious offers ONLY!!!

What size and can you post pics?

the last of 7 19"frames.

i’ll try to get some pics up asap.

How could you not be using it?!?!?!?! Do you ride a trials uni?

Yes, why aren’t you riding it? Is there a problem with it? Or did you just want to have one as wall art?

i still want to ride it, but i dont have to. i have a street uni and a 24" to ride in the snow. the plan with the triton was to build it up with only the finest parts. i just think it would be a shame to do anything less with it. thats why its been waiting patiently.

pictures pl0x.


i still wanna see pictures.


your post is not pictures.

The allmighty power of Triton shall smite you.


oh btw, you hit 1500 posts. grats.

Oh… Look at that… I can see a triton every wednesday :smiley:

i need pictures…

Can’t believe you didn’t put this on ebay as I suggested. Whatever you just sold it for you could probably have doubled it. Up to you though…

hey since its sold still wanna buy my conundrum :slight_smile:

sold to?! We the The Triton club deserve to know! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not me.


C’mon UNIdentified, sold to who? How much did it go for? :slight_smile:

I almost put mine for sale… glad I hustled my way out of that one… mine has been heavily used for over a year now, and I would not have let if go for less than 550… would have expected to take about 600.

Seeing as the design is much nicer than the Nimbus, its lighter, and out of production… I would think 700.00 would even be fair. Knew I should have bought 2, haha.