Triton 36 build - Finished

It really is this time :stuck_out_tongue:

Spokes came today (Thanks Roland for sorting that out) and the wheel is built but needs a little more tension maybe but will put a few miles on and then retention. Felt an odd wheel to build and the rim was the least true off the bat than any other rim I have had (maybe beaten up in transit).

I have to say doing up the bearing cap bolts on the disc crank side on was madness and involved tightening in 20 degree turns between the spokes, rotating the wheel as I turned (even less of a fan of crank brakes than I was :p)

I need to fit my spooner but my mate has my saw and I need to tweak my rotor as it has a minor rub, bu other than that she is done, and once the kids are in bed in the next hour I will take her for her first ride around the block, nothing like mounting a new monster like this in the pitch dark :stuck_out_tongue:

Will get better pictures in day light but she look pretty damn foxy and a monster next to my other Unis!

Thanks again to the Roger, Roland, Romain (The three R’s) and Matt not to mention all of you guys on here with your advice and encouragement :slight_smile:

Very nice, Feisty! You make me want to save up for some titanium uni-goodness… :slight_smile:
Also, nice stable of wheels there - can arrange them on your wall now like three flying ducks :wink:


Cheers as a fellow tart :stuck_out_tongue: I am going to swap my kh29 frame for a Triton as well :smiley:

The Mrs puts up with enough so wall mounting may push her past the point of breaking :stuck_out_tongue: I just got rid of my 19" uni as my 24" was filling it’s roll and more but I almost kept it just to have a nice 4 some :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s built, you take the time for picures and posts, but no ride!!

Look, it’s a new uncicyle, even if there was a blizzard raging outside, does it need deserve a test ride?

I’ve been known to test rides unis at 2am in my slippers :slight_smile:

Some nice green detail clamp, brake clip bolts, nipples and d_brake mount (ignore the washing in the back ground :p)

She weighs 7kg dead, not sure if that is light or not :slight_smile: itching to ride her, been sitting on her in the kitchen, the wheel just spins and spins, the flywheel effect is massive and I can see why people talk about the wheel stability with that massive gyroscopic effect!


Just shoving kiddy number two into bed then I am off :stuck_out_tongue: Just around the block unfortunately as have to get dinner :angry:

Come on already, this is worse than watching TV. The suspense is killing us.:smiley:

… yes, and your wheel is a “light” one!!

Sorry just had dinner

As expected she was the easiest uni I have ever mount (the slut :p) the big wheel resits movement when you step up. The 36 takes more effort to get moving but once going the smoothness of the ride is incredible, it is effortless to keep it going and it eats curbs and bumps.

It takes more effort to get it to change direction and correct mistakes etc but that is to be expected with all that gyroscopic force in play. She can be hopped as easy as anything else I have and I can stall it and do a 180 degree jump easily enough.

Now the negative, I am pretty short and with these long cranks my seat is very low, I also have decent sized legs from 20 years of riding and years of weight training so almost every pedal stroke I get a gentle poke from the crown on the inside back of my legs/thighs, it isn’t too bad and I am sure over time I will get used to it. Also the nice knobbly “The Todd” tyre is at thigh height so any big movements gets a nice rubber buzz on the inner thigh rather than on my leg armor like on my 29er again not a biggy as I f I am riding correctly it doesn’t happen.

Another issues is I didn’t clamp down the d brake side bearing cap fully when I built the wheel so now it is all done up properly my wheel is slightly off center, not a biggy as I need to add tension so will do it all on the one side initially to pull the rim over and hopefully that will also tension the overall wheel up nicely.

All in all I am very happy and can’t wait to get her offroad :smiley:

That is great news! Hopefully the “bugs” will all work out. It is so cool to be half a world away and still be right there with you. This forum is amazing at shrinking the world. Thanks so much for sharing.

The joys of the internet, Building this Uni I have been chatting to people in the US, France, Germany and Russia all at the same time and got parts sent from thousands of miles away.

It is incredible!


Really really really nice family you got! I’m jalous of your 36er even if I dont ride mine at all :stuck_out_tongue:

that is so cool! makes me want a triton frame bad!

That 24" is HOT! How does the big betty ride?

EDIT: Or is it a 26?

It’s a 24, I think. Does Impact event make 26 frames?

Congrats on finishing your awesome new uni! :slight_smile:

Yeah, it looks great, but I was wondering if you forgot to put in a seat post. :stuck_out_tongue: You should probably disregard pointers I’ve posted elsewhere about mounting a water bottle on the seat post.

Don’t be a wuss, crank that spoke tension up, you need it to keep the wheel from flexing on those long arse spokes.

You will need to adjust to where you place your legs as you ride to avoid hitting the tire and frame. I don’t hit the frame I have now as much as I did with a KH, but I do get tire rub once in a while, there are even times when I’ll bump the wheel with my leg to “augment” the turn :smiley:

Now that you splurged for the 165’s…you may want to get some 150’s :o

So with a weekend coming up and the holidays official ended, we’ll expect video no later than this coming Sunday!

She is a pretty thing :smiley: 24" of loveliness, the Big Betty is fantastic, really knobbly and very light but still handles drops fine, I do 4+ footers and have to be more delicate with my landings at 25psi but the 32h trials rim has shrugged of numerous rim shots and no pinch flats. It is also very gripy for tech MUni and would recommend it to anyone to try. oh and it is only 2mm narrow than my duro! (but less height volume obviously)

Anyway screw the Impact lets talk Triton :stuck_out_tongue:

Roger did say to me we have the same build, I wasn’t sure to take it as a compliment or an insult :stuck_out_tongue: I am taller damn it!!! :angry: :stuck_out_tongue:

Luckily I can deal with advances in technology and don’t need to mount a gaud full of water to my frame to keep hydrated. :wink:

Spoke tension is cranked up like a beeeeiatch and feels lovely (and centred :stuck_out_tongue: stupid me)

Even on the ride to work I am bumping my legs less as my body moulds to the new Uni so I am sure it will be fine, it isn’t like I don’t rub my legs constantly on the 29er frame anyway.

The ride in was awesome, less than a mile but fantastic, the 36" wheel flys even with 165 cranks and is soooo effortless the input needed to keep it going is barely more than the weight of my leg “The Todd” tyre humms almost silently along on the road yet it’s large circumference means the contact patch is going to be much bigger so I am sure all those tread lugs are going to grip fantastically off road.

I am going to get her muddy at the weekend for sure and will try and get some vids if my riding buddy is free to come along, I will be interested to see what she is like on the big hills, I am sure I am going to get schooled in pain :stuck_out_tongue:

Inspector Triton Gadget…

I’ll get you next time, Gadget! [insert maniacal laughter here…] :slight_smile:

Please. Edited.