Trials video series

I’ve decided to make at least 1 trials video every month, not very long, just from an hour or so of riding, but hopefully you guys will enjoy. The first one is quite bad, and it’s edited badly, but i wasn’t trying to set the bar very high. They will improve.

Here’s the Gallery


I liked it. it’s good to see a really good rider making/releasing videos on a regular basis. your other ones have been good, namely the easter one and the BC wheel one (with “frontier psychiatrist” in the background… awesome song.) stick with it man.

Ryan I think it is a great idea. I loved the one with you called Ontario Trials. At the very end of it how big was that hole you fell in? Did ya hurt yourself? Anyway i think this is going to be good.

far out, that pedal grab from the rock to the wall is HUGE!

I really enjoyed that, I don’t think it was bad at all.
Please post whenever you make a new one and i’ll be sure to watch them.

I really liked it. You have such an awesome style. I would however like to know something… do you change your tyre pressure alot? It would have to be quite high when you gapping on lots of thin bars, but then considerably lower when your doing pedals grabs like the one from the rock to the wall, right?

Yeah i really liked it because you filmed it yourself, I know that sounds dumb but it’s freakin impossible to do good videos like that, and this one was GOOD! I would have to say “Ryans big video” is the best video i have ever downloaded. Great music too veryone seems to be using bad music right now but every single song you and Jeff use are great.B.C video was good too made me want to get one but no money :frowning:


Rather good falls too!


Yeah, I like it too.
I think the idea is pretty cool to make a new little video every month, keep it running! You see, the community likes it :).

I am curious to see the next one.


good job, man

i thought you did a great job with all the camera angles. they turned out quite nicely, in that they looked good but still showed the moves well, a compromise that is often hard to get right.

its nice to see a video that more realistically shows the rider as he is riding, not just editing in the very best of hours and hours of footage.

i will await your next videos with much anticipation. i hopet o get to the level where i can make everything around me a good trials line.


Great vid! How many attempts did that huge pedal grab take from the rock? And do you know how high it was? No pre-hop, I don’t believe it!

I like it! I like it!

It’s interesting to me to observe the growth in your riding style too. In your earlier vids, even though you were doing all this awesome stuff, you bounced constantly (absolutely NO criticism intended…just an observation!). In this latest, you’ve stabilized to mostly brief stillstands and your moves look extremely controlled (very few balance correction bounces…just planned twists/shifts to set up the next move). And you do even more awesome stuff!! :smiley:

Anyway, keep up the great work! We love to watch!


Cool Vid!

I look forward to the next installment! :slight_smile:


Awesome video! Cant wait until the next one. That pedal grab from the rock was sick!! How high was that??

when is the next one?

Yeah I thought you said EVERY month :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

i believe he is 8 days late. :frowning:

ryan where are you we need you. inspire us


Hey Ryan, that’s a great idea! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all your videos so I’d love to see some new ones. I’m hoping to get some of my new videos on the unicyclist gallery soon.

Have you guys seen the spaced out video? It is ridiculous. It can be found here:

Pretty cool Ryan.