Trials vid

With all the awesome videos that have come out recently, i got all motivated, and well, next thing you know, i borrowed someone on my floor’s camera, figured out a new editing program, and made a little vid. it’s 8 minutes long, filmed over 2 consecutive days… The first day was rainy and left me unsatisfied, the second day was nice and dry, however the camera battery copped out after about 8 minutes of raw footie.
well, anyways, i hope you all enjoy…
oh, BTW, it not street, it is trials, which isn’t as much fun to watch, but anyways, hope it’s okay.


You’ve gotten better!

awesome vid sir… god u side hop high

good video. I liked it a lot. The music was pretty good too.
it was patriotic too…

Some of us enjoy watching trials more than street. That was brilliant! I was going to go through and mention a few of my favourite lines but there are too many of them, looks like you’ve got some fantastic trials spots over there. I enjoyed that more than most of the trials in Defect…and that’s saying something because Defect is incredible!

Thanks for sharing,

Yeah, I agree with Andrew, awesome lines. And very, very slick riding. It’s funny how as one progresses as a rider they see trials obstacles differently. For instance, early on a curb or a few stairs are the hardest challenge. Eventually, you’re doing lines you never thought were possible when you first started. But, amazingly, it keeps evolving. I’m kind of worried what kind of stuff you’ll be up too in a couple years…



p.s. What’s with you spending your moab money on a camera then not taking it to college?

No way! Your video proves trials is still cooler than street.

That post got me to thinking… just over a year ago street was still in its infancy and the majority of vids coming out on these boards were focused on trials. I mean, there were some people doing crankflips and whatnot but the good vids were all about the trials. And your video is a tribute to superb trials riding: long, clean lines, huge hops, big obstacles, everything and the kitchen sink.

Like Andrew said, there were too many awesome lines in that video to talk about them all. That’s an amazing concrete playground you’ve got there. I also agree your vid is better than most of the trials in Defect. There are a lot of cool moves in Defect but no long, flowing lines were put together quite like what you just filmed.

I just gotta say… you make those gigantic SIF hops look effortless. F***in’ cool riding, man. Keep it up! Thanks for the vid.

Holly shoot !!!
:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:
Ryan you are out of this world, sure, gravity is bad, but it seems that to you, it’s just an option.
This is gonna be my next favorite video to show to those who claim unis belong to circuses. Makes street videos look like child’s play.

I’m so excited it makes me wanna curse and swear, I’ll go watch it again.
It sounds cheesy but this is one of my selection’s finest additions.

PS: I would love to get ahold of your CD/MP3 collection :wink:

Jesus freakin’ christ !!! IT’s AWESOME
Sorry I just had to do it :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll go watch it a third time, and then go practice my 55cm hops :wink:

amazing vid man! your hops are amazing. the whole vid was great and i liked how you threaw in the crankflip and 360 unispin. added to the mix. good job.


Omg, ur probebly the best trial rider i ever seen, huge gaps and hops.

Keep up the good work.

really really nice trial lines ! that was awesome

thanks for sharing !

man ryan… you RIP!!!

jason (maestro) said it perfectly, you just made trials vids way more fun to watch than street

i love how you throw in the little tricks in there, effortlessly no less…, but the flowing lines w/ some rolling and INSANE gaps are awesome

great vid! quite inspiring… i wish sidehops were so effortless for me


Nobody flies like you do, Ryan. The vertical and horizontal distances you cover are unreal.

Ryan, you’re a monster. I ride on campus and downtown all the time, and i’ve never even imagined 90% of those lines. It’s nice to see that you got some of those lines down that you weren’t getting 2 weeks ago. Now quit messing around on the uni and get some studying in. Exams are coming!!!

Holy crap that was HUGE! thank you so much!

Hey…are the videos still there? I can’t make either one work…I cant download them either.

I have quicktime, I dont know why it wont work…

You suck!

…and what I mean by that is I suck, and I think now I’m going to sell my trials uni to somebody who deserves it.

Seriously though, that was sick!

ok never mind, I got it to work now…

Holy wow! That was absolutly incredible! I can’t beleive some of the stuff you were doing rubber to rubber, I kept expecting you to pedal grab but no…

And it does have a little street in it, you do some awsome trials line, land, then 360 unispin as if what you had just done was too easy…

Thanks a lot for sharing that. Looks like Ottawa has a lot of cool places to ride, too.

That is seriously jaw-dropping dude. If I could do half of that stuff I’d be happy with myself for a long time.