trials tires?

what are the advantages of having a trials tire verses a bmx. I’m still not quite convinced that there’s too big of a difference. Does it improve your hopping height at all? also write some of the downsides to a trials tire if there are any.

i thought the same thing up until yesterday
get a trials, they are superultraundescribably bouncier, I can hop about 8" higher on my friends uni w/ a MUNI tire (duro)… and trials tires are supposed to be bouncier than those.

sounds like a good enough reason to me. I hardly get any bounce out of the tire I have now. but a trials tire definately wouldn’t fit on my unicycle. I’m getting a 2.3 to see if that fits.

if you have a 20" rim, a trial tyre wont fit, triall tyres only fit on 19" rims they are modded 20" tyres.

And they basically, have so much more air in them, they are way better.

I would suggest the Maxxis holy roller, it comes in a not as fat size as trials tires. I really liked mine when thats what i rode, and if I didn’t have a 19in. rim now I would still use it because it was light and very bouncy.

Any thoughts on the maxxis maxdaddy? I might order it.

Why use a trials tire?
It has a high volume for lots of air for spring and cushion.
It has good grip not only from front to back, but from side to side as well.
It is big.
It fits on trials rims, which are wide.

I ride one on my Uni.

It’s alright, could be a bit fatter though.

I would recommend a Kenda Kinetics 20x2.35 though, IF you can find it.

Not sure if it’s 2.35 though, might be a different size… but either way, it’s like 15% fatter than the Max Daddy.

Actually I saw the maxdaddy in a 2.25. so that’s about as big as my unicycle will fit. I’ll try it out and make another thread on how it is. It should be here by next thursday

Max Daddy 20x2.25 is VERY rare if it even exists.

I know lots of places label it as 20x2.25 but it’s just a 20x2.0.

God I hope I end up getting the right one.

Kenda Kinetics 20x2.35 $2 per tire.

I only saw it in 26’’

oh wait nevermind I think that’s too big to fit though… thanks anyway

I liked kenda kinetics that’s "2.35.

the maxxis creeply crawler tyre is creepily good…

he wants one for a 20"
the onza sticky fingers is designed for what you want, but good luck getting your hands on one in the US, i looked for a week straight and could not get my hands on one, it is worth a try though

Hey Skrobo, whatever hapened with your warranty thing on your torker? did they send you a whole new uni?

i have a sticky fingers on my 20" uni… its okay for bouncing, welll just not as good as a real trials tyre, but its made for exactly wot you want. I dont know what availabitlity is like in US though

Yeah, a Sticky Fingers tire is the closest thing to a trials tire that you can get for a 20" rim. BUT…it’s 2.4 tire, so it wout fit in the LX frame. Plus you would have to pay shiping from UDC UK or MDC