Trials stuff......

I’m looking for a complete Trials uni… or a frame… or a wheelset…

What do you have? I’d like to round-out my quiver with a trials uni but not ready to “jump” on a new one :slight_smile:

Let me know what you have and I’ll see if it’s something I’m interested in.

Let’s see… I have:

Black K1 Devil Frame, a couple of dents but no cracks or anything
“Red” TryAll Rim Drilled, like new (its kinda pinkish)
Blue KH Clamp, never been used
Red K1 Clamp, maybe a scratch or two
Red TryAll pedals, scratched on the ends a bit but no pins messed up, never been grinded on

This is all from when I switched around a couple of parts, I can get pics of anything if you’re interested.

PM sent need prices and pics. Definitely interested.

Sorry the one of the clamp is blurry, and that’s the worst looking part of the frame.

how on earth did you manage to put a dent that size in a frame? :thinking:

Julia is a pretty extreme rider. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not the kind of shape I was hoping for… anyone else?

I have no idea XD. I read somewhere that the tubing on K1 frames is really thin so I think that’s it. Now I have a KH and it doesn’t have any dents.

yup, K-1 tubing is Really thin, I broke my Devil frame last year and it’s like 1mm thick, maybe a little bit more but I’m pretty sure it’s 1mm. :stuck_out_tongue: