Trials Saddles

What is the best saddle for trials?


I think it would have a carbon fiber seat base.
–>Less weight, more strenght and stiffness.

And for the sif to be comfortable, you’ll want a thick foam or gel saddle.


Koxx or KH gel.

Or, just a regular KH is better than everything else…

viscount all the way… just add a kh handle and there you go…

I vote for the miyata/torker lx shape in carbon fiber. The lip is alot bigger than KH so its easier and more comfortable to hold. Normal KH foam is just too fat.

I despise Miyata/LX seats for that reason: the sides are to narrow to hold for sif trials.

They work great for street though. :slight_smile:

Just a CF seat base with a little vinyl tubing around the edges. No handle, no padding… that stuff is for wimps.

For trials riding, you shouldn’t be sitting in the seat. You should be riding SIF, holding the back of the seat base.

Do you mean the lip is to skinny? I wouldn’t really know because I ride a Miyata CF base with the vinyl tubing. I hate the stock miyata and lx seats because the only foam is the stuff under your carpets…I use cut down KH foam on my miyata cf base and its reallllly nice for trials.

i actually like the viscount. it’s super stiff. light weight is a far second to me under stiffness. i currently ride a normal KH with a stiffner plate which is too tall/bulky. i’ve tried the viscount though and like it quite a bit.

yess I love you

I actually grab the seat around where the seatpost is, and I tried the same on a friend’s Koxx Devil, and found that there was much less space to put my fingers then on my KH seat.

Im currently riding a kh gel saddle witha fusion cover, im so sick of breaking stiffner plates so i orderd a CF base wich should come next week some time. Then i will have my ultimate saddle. btw, is it easy to put a kh handle on a viscount? what about a kh rear bumber?

i still reckon a new kh fusion with cf and cutout handles would be the best :smiley:

I like the Visount also

the udc gel sadel isn’t bad (I’ve heard).
I use koxx gel but the cover has started to crack, and same to my friends’ koxx gel saddles!

The Koxx Saddle cover has cracked?! Oh no!

I was going to buy one :confused:

How are they for SiF?


I dont know what he meens by “the cover has started to crack” but all the saddles covers I’ve had ( Kris holm fusion, KH gel, Velo) have gotten holes and tears in them from seat draging and stuff, You should jut be careful with it.

Well I ride a wallis de-rail carbon fiber base…I tilt that back, and my base also came with sif grips on the sides. I really like it! So far there are no complaints. I cut my seat foam down by a lot. When riding sif trials, there’s no reason for all of that foam. Plus, it makes transitioning from seat-in to seat-out a lot better. And, if you ride a lot of seat-out, you can raise the seat up higher, for more stability.

What else???

Is that seat post all the way up?

I was thinking about getting one of the alum frames…and getting rid of this '04 canadian made KH that I’m currently running.

I’m 5’ 7"…and I don’t ride with much foam at all…I like to ride with my seat fairly high. So would the thompson be too short?