Trials Saddles

what length do you have?
Mine is 330 mm

Hmm…not sure. I cut it down, anyway. It was too long for when I had an original KH seat, and a rail-post-adapter.

thats a sweet lookin set up kc!!!

do u do much trials sif hopping with that thomson seatpost ???

i thought u needed a kh seatpost rail to be able to use the thomson seat post :thinking: , whats the set up u have ???

Scott Wallis produces a DeRail CF Seatbase (amongst other quality items) that bolts straight to the top of Thomson/Primo seatposts when you take the rail clamps off. Saves a lot of weight, and the Thomson posts are superbly strong.


thats absolutley awesome!!

i hav really wanted to get the thomson seatpost and the cf base, but due to needing a kh rail, i kind of thought that i will have to stick with the normal seatposts :frowning:

but now that i know that these r available :slight_smile: :smiley:

is there anyway that i can obtain these, considering i live in Australia ???!!???

When I finally break my normal palstic KH saddle i will get a carbon fibre one.
Riding without the foam is so manly.

Do you guys think the Death Grip would be good for street? If not can you put a KH handle on a de-rail base?

The Death Grip? Is that a saddle?

How similar is the Koxx Gel saddle to the UDC gel saddle?
They both seem very similar (except the price) and someone has already mentioned that there isn’t much difference.


death grip is ( I believe, might not have remembered correctly) a scott wallis carbon fiber handle.

and I would say yes, it would be great. However, it would be somewhat unnecessary

i thought it might not be, because it’s assymetrical. Why would it be unnecessary?

It’s a great handel. Only problem might be it sticks out further than others and can hit your legs more often on unispins.
P.S. I dont actually ride the seat like that, I have the Death grip handel, CF bumper and KH fusion cover.

What I’m wondering is how the new KH fusion with the lower profile compares to the thicker KH saddle and the UDC gel. We’ve discussed this before but I’m now wondering people’s opinions since its been some time since its been released.

I’ve only spent about an hour on the dual density form and it’s nice. I would say Gel for trials, and thinner KH for Muni.

Ah, thats the kind of insight I was looking for, thanks.

kc do u know where i could get a de-rail cf base for my kh trials down to australia by any chance??

Are there any comments, reviews or recommendations on the Koxx Gel seat?
How flatter is the KH fusion than the normal KH seat? Does it matter; as you can just cut the foam down anyway…


The best thing you can do is e-mail and ask him, he’ll let you know what the waiting time is, and he might look into shipping costs as well if you ask him nicely. I just got my parts delivered yesterday and they’re very sweet looking, I can’t wait to get them all built up into a saddle and then go out and ride. FYI it was $65 to ship (via fedex) to the UK, with a $20 handling charge for scotts time & effort with the shipping costs research and extra paperwork. He kept me informed at every stage of the purchase and let me know exactly what was going on, so Kudos to him for the excellent customer service.


The koxx gel is good, I rode one on a Koxx Freestyle a year or so ago, before the UDC gel came out. IMHO the UDC gel has a stronger seatbase and more durable cover (more kevlar panels), but doesn’t look as cool without the koxx logo, or in silver/white & black. I’d recommend UDC Gel every time, unless you need the koxx gel to go with a specific colour scheme.

The KH Fusion 06 (the thinner model) has a slightly different foam layout than the thicker saddle, and you won’t get exactly the same effect from merely cutting a thicker one down. In theory, it doesn’t matter much at all unless you’re riding longish distances or you mess up the modification, in which case it might be uncomfortable. Done properly it shouldn’t be a problem.


Thanks Moose!

The Koxx Gel seats come from the same manufacturer as the KH seats and have the same baseplates and handle. I found this out from

Between the Koxx Gel and the UDC, I can’t see a lot between them. It looks like the Koxx has less of a curved figure. I think I’ll get the Koxx seat because of this and it does look very cool aswell!

I’ll post a review of it after a few weeks of testing.

Thanks again Moose!