Trials: Obstacle building tutorial

Hope this helps anyone interested in making some “sandwich boards”. I love mine and they’re really fun and excellent for practicing trials. :slight_smile:

If there’s anything you feel I’ve left out, or if you have more suggestions for these and/or other cool things to build, please post your ideas here! :smiley:

Great tutorial! You may want to slow the words down a bit though. If you look away for like half a second you can’t even read them(at least I can’t).

Yeah, I wanted to just narrate it, but stupid Movie maker wouldn’t let me for some reason! It just hung up and the “start narration” button just remained “grayed out” and woudn’t activate. I tried rebooting several times, but no luck. I was swearing like an SOB! So I had no choice but to add the text as best I could. :o

Been meaning to make some.
Hey, good luck to you on AGT! … Break a leg! No… Smash a shin … Naw … rock the house Terry.

Wasn’t there something mentioned about puting some sort of rubber on the bottom of the plywood to prevent it from sliding/slipping?

Thanks Sean. Now all I need is an “assistant” to come to the LA convention center to help me with setup…which will be a breeze with two people! So if anyone reading this lives in the LA area and would like to come along, please PM me asap! Thanks all.:slight_smile:

Yeah I had mentioned it and thanks for reminding me! I’m not sure but I suspect that the tiny audition room will most likely have a smooth floor! :smiley:

I think you should do the boards on your coker :smiley: lol. I am gonna have to use your tutorial to build some of my own.

Lol, I already thought of that but i need to get proficient at it with mu MUni next, since that’s what I’ll be using at the audition.

This is all still really new to me as I ride mostly MUni, where all the obstacles are “natural” or “Urban” like stairs, walls…tractors, haha! So I’m going to have to have a fast learning curve for this particular thing in time for Saturday’s audition! I need to nail it on the first go! :smiley:

my dad is taking me to buy some wood this weekend. I am gonna make some trials obstacles.

I will have to make some of those, they look fun!

I just finished rounding of the top corners; it was hard cutting through 3" of hard wood! I tried a jig saw but that wasn’t “cutting” it, lol, so I used my coping saw and cut a 45 degree chunk off each corner, then rounded them with a file. I should have thought about this before I glued and nailed the plywood to the 2x4s, but it came out ok anyway.:slight_smile: