Making sandwich boards

Thanks yeah I’m working on some ideas for the audition. I have to ask, where in the HECK do you find those pages on his site??? I went to, but could not find ANY of those pages anywhere on his site. I clicked every single one of his links and didn’t see these pages. :thinking:

A couple of years ago Kris posted that link on a discussion, I bookmarked it. It was never linked from the main site as far as I’m aware.

Down this is a description of how to make sandwich boards. Also, try to make them so long that if you place two in extension of each other, you can ride on revolution, and then jump up to the next. It’s fun to do that.

I just finished making three sandwich boards. The pics are below and I will also have a little tutorial of how I made them step by step, plus a little footage of me riding/hopping on them. They came out really good I think. Now all I have to do is make about a 3-4 foot little ladder type ramp notches so it will lay against the tallest one just to add a little extra fun to it. :slight_smile:


They look great, Terry! If you are fine with it, feel free to bring them to the ride. We might do some trials after the MUni. Have you tried them yet (stupid question…)? Are they pretty stable? Do they slide around when jumping on/off them?

They seem very stable for sure, except they might slide if they were on a smooth surface, but grass, dirt; no problem. Here’s the re-edited tutorial on making and riding on them:

How fo you make a Sandwich board?
Show it old home movie picture slides! (It’s times like this I wish I had photoshop…and knew how to use it!:o )

Made a new ramp from one 2’x8’x10’ plank; cut it in half, and lashed the two 5’ pieces together with thinner wood slats every few inches on the back. It’s waaaay easier hopping up a smooth ramp, than the one I had before, as my tire was getting wedged between the 2x4’s sometimes in unbalanced spots, throwing me off.

As it is now, the ramp is not at such a steep angle that it would need any cross pieces for the tire to grab onto on the way up. And a plain ramp gives me leeway to hop on it at any point along its length. Of course I could always just flip it over and use the slatted side too. I also thought of a cool way to transport it from my car to the audition site, which may not be real close by. :slight_smile:


If you could ride in with your handtruck and get everything set up without getting off the Uni and then hope over your obstacles your presentation is more of an act than a demonstration and you’ll get more points from the judges. Also if there is some purpose to getting over the obstacles you suddenly have plot in your routine and again more points.

Haha, no I already made it abundantly clear that I don’t have an “act”, or do “tricks” per se. I have a plan though, and the casting director seems to really like it, so we’ll see. Plus I have a dvd in hand ready for them to play as soon as I walk in, as I was told I could do as well. They will have a dvd player in the audition room specifially for that purpose. :slight_smile:

cool, whens the audition terry?

Okay, well once you’re cast to be on the show if you want to make it past one round you’ll need to work up some sort of an act that has a bit of plot and progression, but they’ll probably work with you on all that.

Right, my plan for a much more elaborate set up would be for the first televised audition, with celebrity judges and an audience. Tomorrow’s non-televised “raw” audition (no not nude haha) only allows 90 seconds per performer, which includes any set up time! So that’s the reason for my fast-paced highlight dvd, and other little bits of business I plan to do.

I’ll only have a ramp and one sandwich board so the setup won’t take too long, and at least it will let them see “live” a little bit-a very small part-of what I can do. Then when they see the DVD (they watch it while I’m there) that should sell them to the idea that if they put me through to the first show, I can definitely put something cool together.

As the casting director noted, part of my sell point will be the fact that I’m doing extreme unicyling at 53, and jumping 8 stair sets, dropping off 7’ tractors, and riding a lot of the most technically challenging trails terrain there is! :smiley: If I only end up on ONE televised episode, or don’t move on after a certain point, I’d be more than happy because the show is not only national, and seen by millions, but INTERnational as well, so it will hopefully make MUni and extreme unicycling in all its forms more well known!:slight_smile:

You’ll have to remind me when this is on, so I can see this Muni and extreme unicycling, and become a unicyclist myself :smiley:

On second thoughts I’ll record it and Muni first.

In the first show, it will be filmed “live” with me bombing down the porcupine rim trail in Moab, UT, and they’ll have bleachers set up along the most difficult sections for the audience, so they can see it “live” while it happens! Then they’ll have portable 9 stair set for me to roll hop off for the finish!

(No, wait, I must’ve dozed off there for a minute and dreamed that part!:p)

Why don’tcha just put in an escalator? :wink:

This stuff looks pretty good, and you definitely have it set out on how to please the media. I hope to see you not only on the Televised auditions, but going even further than that.

Good Luck Terry.

Just finished painting my sandwich boards. :smiley: