Trials Frame Design Help

I am designing a new trials frame, and i would like some outside input as it mite one day be for sale. Just tell me what things you do and dont like in a frame. This is what i came up with so far.




if that was titanium, i would love you, seriously, especially if i could test it out for ya :slight_smile:

thats pretty sweet, what program did you use to make that?

Looks like blender- it has the arrow things in the bottom corner. I wish I could use blender… its just really annoying.

I think a titanium/carbon fibre would be nice as it would be light as a feather but stronger, durable and longer lasting than steel. :smiley:

  • Another idea would be where the black part is, it could hold suspensions somehow to withstand high jumps and so forth. :smiley:

BTW can i have it now plz :wink: :wink:

Thanks for the input but what thing would you guys change

And the program is auto desk inventor pro 10

I dont think I would want open tubes coming out of the top, that could be dangerous.

Add suspensions to the sides of the frame and fuse it with the middle. It would hold in place by tightening a certain part of the frame. I don’t know if this may damage the frame in the process, but it would be interesting to see and ride 1 day. :smiley: Also something that could hold the sides from moving up and down while riding. Like spencer said, i could be dangerous as it may hit your arms, knees etc.

I think you should make the top part in an upside down V shape. It would be much better in many ways, especially stronger, but don’t make it too much to not put your feet on it well. or maybe make it like the 07 DX frame and angle on bottom, flat on top.

I agree. I think you should either seal the tops of the tubes or cut the flush with the black piece. It might take a little bit away from the style but then you don’t have to worry much about a bad injury or getting stuff stuck in the tube. Those tubes sticking up would make it really nice when you put your foot on the frame.

EDIT: Also, if you are serious about selling it someday, then you might want to make it good for street too, because the market might be a little small if it was only good for trials.

OK i made tube caps and for jokes i made it in carbon and ti

i dont ride street. so that makes a good street frame?

ohh you used my idea, thank you if you did :wink: I’d love to this on a coker, 29er or those novelty unicycles one day. That way people don’t have to cut the seatpost to reach the pedals. :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah, this design will be. If it was for pure trials then you would probably want to make where you would normaly put your foot more angled, this way it doesn’t get in the way of your knees and would prevent some painful falls. because those tubes come to the top, it should be perfect for street.

I liked the look of the different colors with the green tubes an black tube connector. Of course this doesn’t have anything to do with the mechanical design.

Also, are you actually going to have this manufactured? I really like the look of it and I might consider buying one if you do produce them!

If you are going for a light frame, ditch the ovalized tubing and go with square, it puts more metal in the two axes its needed most, then you can use thinner wall tubing compared to round or ovalized. That crown setup is going to be heavy and not as stiff as it could be if you used some gussets out of tubing or sheet/strip stock running from leg to crown.

Having suspention above the axle would have the same effect as a suspention seatpost. The idea of a fully suspention uni has been discussed at length here.

But circular and ovalized legs will resist tortional forces better. I think eliptical legs, like the ones he has pictured is ideal. Wheather more oval, round, elliptical, square, or rectangular probably needs more testing. My money is on elliptical.

Yeah but the legs dont get twisted nearly as much as there is a side load on the frame sideways, which is where square tubing comes into play.

no i mean have a t-bar suspension that goes from left to right and in the middle and meets halfway. Something like this. It’s a odd-drawing but it explains what i mean.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


When jumping you rarely land streight side to side or forward to back, and almost always at some angle, so rounded sides will take more force for the given amount of metal. This has been increased in the last few years in motorcycle disighn.

ie: When Honda came out the new CBR 954 (I think in 2003) They found the tortional stiffness of the swingarm increased by 25% if they rounded the corners of it’s box tubing.

Look at Ducati’s diminance in World Superbike since its inception about 20 years ago. They only use round tubing in their frames.

So where is the wheel, what is it directly connected to?

I would certainly disagree with your statment about landing straight on sideways. Watch trials videos, many people land gaps straight sideways. I think round would be best for the crown because there is a twisting force on that, but def stick to square on the legs.