Trials Course Love 99

The unicycle trials course that Zack Baldwin and I have been steadily building up for the past 3 summers finally makes its film debut in this movie. The riding isn’t anything spectacular, but the awesome music and mesmerizing intro make up for it!

This was filmed over my winter break at home, in early January.

It’s fun to mess around on this course… but honestly, I’ve spent about 90% of my time on the course building stuff, and only 10% of the time riding it.

Others have also helped out at random points in the making of this thing (John Hooten, John Foss, Brian Lundgren, Ryan Atkins, Dan Heaton, Sabin Arditty, Mike Clark, and one of my non-unicycling friends Kevin. The majority of it was done by myself and Zack Baldwin.

Total Running Time: 7:42

LINKS: (hint, sacrifice 30 minutes of waiting (or hours) for the big WMV, or quicktime versions!)

[WMV, 33.6 mbs]

[WMV, 60 mbs]

[Quicktime H.264, 110 mbs]



p.s. If you have any ideas for the name of the rail, let me know. I’ve only gotten to about a foot past the midway point. Who woulda thought that a curvy rail like that would be so damn hard!?

What an awsome course, looks more like a north shore type course to me, though. I liked the stairs up to the tree structure thing…that looks so cool.

pfft, 30 minutes, it says it’s gonna take four and a half!!
I love cable internet ( :
anyhoo, once it finishes I’ll report back.

down loading!!! ill report back soon

WOW!!! that is amazing! i would pay to use that course, that thing is gonna give endless amounts of fun riding, i liked the way you did the intro too =p, great riding also =p i wish i had enough materials and a big enough yard to make a course like that.

Goldie Rules!!!

thats no fair i dont even have a back yard

yea you should totally charge like 2 dollars admition…depending how many unicyclists you know…youd be richer than you were before…any way…really really cool course …it enourmous…i have a bigenough backyard but my parents would kill me if i put a gigantic trials coarse there

nice course. i loved it. i would pay to ride it.

that’s what i want in my back yard. damn. that looks liek tons of fun. where’d you get all that stuff? my garage course is nice partly because it’s year round, but yours is too geographically, but yours is like 10x bigger than mine.

thats awsome good riding too. to bad you couldnt make the trials ride at moab.

Damn you server must be really slow, it took me a whole three minutes to download that quicktime version, a whole 616 kbps.

Seriously though; What an awesome intro. The idea and the feeling it gave me felt like a real movie that I would see in theatres I don’t know if this is due to the medium used or just what you did but it worked well. I also liked the name of the course, you must love this course to have put soooo much time and effort into building it and it really shows.

The variety in the park and the sheer amount of stuff makes it look like you must have really planned alot of it out, I must say I am jealous of your dedication.

The riding in it was really cool, I especialy liked the speedy riding down those north shore style banks.

I would love to see another video shot there!


nice movie, I’m jealous of that trials course!!
coulda done without the poop part though.

I Laughed. I cried. That was some of the best 7 minutes 42 seconds Ive spent lately!

Has anyone ridden the whole curvey rail?
…you could name it “the enchalada” so that when you finally get it, you can say you rode the whole enchalada…maybe :slight_smile: …corny…yes

that is a sweet course i wish i had a backyard cuz thats what i would do with it. and i also wish that i had a chicken named goldie…that would be ace!

Good vid


That has to be one of the most insiring trials videos i have ever seen. Thanks you for taking the time to film/edit it. It makes me want to road trip to CA this summer.

Budd White

that was cool. i really liked the editing.

Awesome vid Jess!!! I remember you were telling me about this course on one of our Santa Barbara muni rides. Inspires me to keep working on my course. I really like those large wooden cable spools!!

Ive never seen anyhting that amazing… that skinny omg it’s insanly sick !.. honnestly I think this is the greatest vid out this year…

That was awesome, my only suggestion is to put a couch in there somewhere. The kind of couch you find on the side of the road. That was also, by a wide margin, the best intro I’ve seen on any uni video.