Come ride Trials Course Love 99

As I said trials course! So, please tell me if you’d like to come next weekend on Saturday, July 1st, for some trials fun. We can also venture over to Folsom Lake (anyone remember CA muni weekend 2003?) and do muni, trials, and/or swimming. The lake is about a 5 minute drive from my house.

It has been SUPER-hot around here lately (lots of 100+ days), which definitely makes it less suitable to ride in the afternoon and late afternoon. It’d be smart if we do this to ride the course in the morning/ mid-morning when it’s cooler.

I live about 35 minutes from Sacramento, California (in the Granite Bay/Roseville area)… so based on how far you would need to drive decide if you’d like to come or not. My parents said people are welcome to camp-out Friday night… so think about that too.

John Foss said he won’t be able to make it (he’ll already be on his journey to NAUCC). However, I know there’s few locals that will make it for sure: Zack Baldwin and Kaori Matsuzawa.

So please give me an idea of who is interested by posting here, or by emailing me: jess (at-sign)

I’ll try to make more finalized plans when I get more of a feel of who can come!



Hi Jess,

I live in the east bay area, according to mapquest your house isnt a far drive from my house so ir appears like I could make it. Looking forward to meeting all you guys!

has anyone ridden the “enchillada” yet?

man, wish i could make this but i’m poor/it’s a really long drive.

Arg, I really need a car. Noone wants to take me:( 6 hours is kinda far…

Jess, if my hand is healed enough by then, I think I’ll be down.

i would love to come but I just got back from the beach and noone will take me a cross the country.

Hey Jess, you might want to send an e-mail on the muni list

i may love to go, but i have me my driver’s license test on the third, and i dunno if any of my family would like to go…
i’ll talk to lloyd johnson and see if they wanna go.
this sounds really cool.

thats course is really insane
i would love to go but iam tooo faar away :frowning:

like 9 hours 4 me:(

poor me, not being able to go the Jess’s awesome-erific superfantabulous uber-cool trials course:(

Okay, so the event’s date is now up in the air. John Foss suggested we combine the course ride with a big group muni ride on the July 8-9 weekend. It seems to work for Bevan a lot better. What about the rest of you close enough to be able to attend?

Please give me some input!



You should film all the riders at your course, would make a nice movie.

a tad too far to ride my coker, a bizzlilion miles to be exact

danegt… only if you lived near Newport Beach.

im going on vacation there tomarrow and i doubt my parents willf rive an extra 7 or 8 hours to get there. :angry:

oh well…


my dad would skin me then hang it up if i tried to make that in my yard

thats why you make sure it’s ok with your parents first

Your dad would go to jail for a long time if you tried to make that in your yard.

hahaha especially in our neighborhood, you can’t even leave your trash can out in from of your yard for a day or you’ll get a ticket.stupid home owners association…

2 hours away and I HAVE TO work. Can’t get out of it… God damnit.