trials competition in quebec in june?

bump again then :slight_smile:

If it is after NAUCC…so after july 5, i will try my hardest to get there

(Owen still owes me a lot of landed tricks)

I can be there anytime, so it looks like I ain’t helping you to set a date for the event. :o

I think that in the beginning of july it should be good but I would also go on the 10th or something like that

All right. I have decided that in order to get the show on the road, by this time next week we will have a date established for the competition. That said, we still have two options. We would prefer not to conflict with any other events, so what is left is say, between the 20th and 30th of june, and early july, after july 5th. Brian can make it after the 5th. Is there anyone that would be able to come in june who can’t come after july 5th? if not, we will pick a date when brian can come :slight_smile:

Mike :slight_smile:

setting a date.

All right! Hi All!

I have chosen a date for the competition and verified the availability of the school. The date is saturday, the 8th of july. I want a show of hands of how many people can come on this date, and seriously plan to. Since it is essentially in the middle of the summer, is we can get a lot of people to come, we have a lot of time to prepare and will probably have good weather, have a wealth of experience people in quebec, and the event could be quite spectacular!

So, whose up to bat?

Mike :slight_smile:

(the competition will obviously be open to all skill levels, and to people from everywhere)

how about you also organize a street ride ? if you do you might be able to count me in…

Im going for sure . I think the 8th of july is a good date for everyone.

thanks for organizing an event mike !

Keep giving us new about the event !

well im quite a whiles away but im gonna try my darndest to get there…i may just have to take a bus there and back

Here’s my show of hands!


I’m there.

I’ll be there too.
So Mike, do you already have an idea of the trial setup? Will it be held in the church (École de cirque) or in the gymnasium (A.M.Q.)? If it’s in the church, can we use the stage, or other circus related material they have (trampoline, wires, etc) in some trial lines?
Keep us informed, thanks!

hard to imagine anything easier! if it turns out to be less than a cinch, I’m sure we can make it happen! We are in the initial planing stages. Once the foundation is in place, we can pile as many activities on it as we want!

It will be in the church (yay!). We can use the stage. I will ask them about trampolines, but I suspect the answer will be no, although we might be able to convince them. as for wires… lets just say that we will try to be as creative as we can while working within the restraints that the school sets. In answer to your question, no, I have put very little thought to the actual trials setup, but I will take pictures of the school so that you can make suggestions, and I have access to a great deel of experience here, so I am convinced that we will have something pretty sweet.

That works out perfect for me!

I shall be there with unicycles on :slight_smile:

jenmichael2000, could you please PM me?


…how do I PM you?

Perfect time for me would be about third weekend in july. Throughout june is graduation, grad parties, prom etc. So my guess is I will either be busy studying, busy or hung over, none of which make for good unicycling. Then I have a week to practice some more and let general parties and such die down and second weekend is my 18th birthday and so after that I should finaly have some splined cranks and hub. Then the third weekend, I should be completely free and ready for some serious riding!:smiley:

will it be during the 8th and 9th or just the one day…cuz for one day its not worth it to me to by a bust icket there and back.

o’course it is!

ok good…no wi nedd a way to get there…hmmm.