trials competition in quebec in june?

Hello, I just found out about the unicycle gathering being planed for june 4th in bc. We are considering organizing a trials competition (open to all skill levels) in quebec around the same time (the 11th, 18th or later), and are wondering how many people would be interested in participating, given the other event. There are several people here with experience with organizing and setting up trials events, and we have a number of people already interested in coming. Our event would take place in the quebec school of circus arts, which by the way, is located in a (small) cathedral. If we were to hold our event several weeks (3-4) after the one in bc, how many people would consider attending both events, and how many would be interested in visiting quebec even if they do not go to bc?

Mike :slight_smile: (affiliated unicyclists you may know: normand beaumont, simon themens)

I have to find out how far it is from South Bend IN And if I can get that weekend off work.

i live just round the corner…and a couple hours away…i might be able to find my way there. because im NOT driving to bc.

All the people from Montreal have to be there

and yeah it’s nmore a church than a cathedral but w/e :stuck_out_tongue:

I would probably come, especialy since bc is wayyy to far for me to go.

I’d like to come, we are only about a hour and a half away; if I’m back in Quebec for the summer.

My brother and I would go! (I’m not going to BC)
Is the Quebec School of Circus Arts in Montreal?

No I think its in quebec city

hehehe yea we should be like 4 riders from montreal

Including, but not restricted to, myself.

I would go (so would my brother) if you had it.

hurray! That’s good news!

I am willing to built some awesome stuff to do crazy stunts on, because that’s what it takes.

All right! glad to know we have interest!

The next chalenge is to set a date. we have at least 4 options. the 23rd or 30th of april or the 11th or 18th of june. Those are all sundays. We can have the church (pretty sweet) in june, in april we get a gym. Obviously we would like to have it in june at the church, but having people there is obviously the point, so if nobody can come, we will do it in april. We need to decide soon.

let us know when you would like to gather!

Mike :slight_smile:

I would prefer earlier as if it is in late june I may not be able to get a ride there.

All right!

things are getting more specific! Finally, for organizational purposes, we will be having the competition in the church, which means the earlest we can have it it june 11th. June 25th conflicts with a high profile bicycle competition at mt. st. anne, and there have been misgrievings about having our event on the 11th or 18th because it is close to high-school exam time. that leaves early july. We need a show of hands for each of the four or five sundays begining and following the 11th, to find out which day will allow the greatest participation. Saturdays are also possible, on these weekends. We have a super team here in quebec ready to pounce on organizing the event. The sooner we can confirm a date, the sooner everything can start falling into place!

Mike :slight_smile:

preferably a week thats into summer vacation so like just into july like the first weekend. cuz if im comming i wont be able to make it into and out of quebec and not miss any school.

I’m pretty flexible as long as I know well enough ahead… :slight_smile:


bump? does that mean you can’t make it? rather criptic… :slight_smile:

nope its just a way to get the thread back to the top of the list and therefore a way to get some more replys. and if its in the summer i can without a doubt make it as long as i have my new uni by then…which i will.