Trials bike video

Pissin’ around on youtube an found this!

He is insanely good and looks about 12!

Rock on!

Cool, that looks like a mini Craig Lee Scott…

He even rides in some of the same places.

Geez that kid gots some crazy gaps! What frame is that?

The bike looks like a Monty 221Ti. Those are quite nice ones.

You guys are making me splurge, I love trials.

so its titianium?


The model name is slightly misleading. The frame is made from aluminium. There are some titanium parts on the bike though, at least the spokes, maybe some other things also.

it must be strong to hold up to those gaps, drops. :astonished:

what was that squeaking noise, the brakes?

yeah, thats what trials brakes sound like, you could only hear then in a couple shots in that vid though the rest was muted.

im not sure if you all watched to the end but hes 13 according to his website

Jeez there’s a future world champ. If I ever get serious into bike trials (I mean get the money) that’s the frame though I was looking at. I was right w00t. I knew it was a Monty 221Ti

Recently, I have been watching the old videos of bike trials, with ot pi (sp?) in them.

Everything he was doing back then, they are doing now. So now the new videos bore me, because I can watch a video from years ago and see the same thing, and even some bigger lines being done.

Just seem the sport really hasnt changed much, the bikes sure have though.

Very true about Ot Pi:

I think you posted the wrong link.

Oh, haha! Oops. It looks like the site’s down at the moment. I’ll have to wait until when I can fix it.

Okay, here it is. Sorry for the screw-up.

Ot pi is the man!

I love that vid!

And to think, that was all done over 10 years ago.

Bike trials probably could’ve become more mainstream if the riders hadn’t all insisted on wearing such ridiculously tight clothes! Still makes me laugh whenever I see the motorbike trials crew doing demos :slight_smile:

Bike trials as a sport has just about died in NZ.

R.I.P. Bike Trials 1980s - 2004

     tru dat:D