[Trial/Muni] Extreme Unicycling 2010 Lutz Eichholz

I just finished my new video “extreme Unicycling 2010”. I hope you like it comments are appreciated.
Thanks to my sponsors Kris Holm Unicycles, AJATA and Adidas Outdoor.

WOW! That’s kind of outdoors I wanna look at :slight_smile:
Makes me go outdoor :slight_smile: (but sitting in a pub with a beer is good as well :wink:

That was brilliant!!! You’re cool :sunglasses:

Wouldn’t wanna UPD down a cliff face tho…

OMG that drop if fREAKiNG CRAZY! how big was that Lutz? it looks like it is close to 20 foot!!!

I just love your riding man, great video!

Insane! That drop was massive! Riding down the sand hill also looked really cool!

Sooooooooooo sick thats insane man!!!

wow…thats how muni should be, huge drops and no fear :stuck_out_tongue: you should make a longer video! :slight_smile:

Hooooly cow, i loved it!! Great job on the Adidas sponsorship too :slight_smile:

Great job man! I’m pretty sure this is the first big non-unicycling sponsor sponsoring a unicyclist. Also, I love how chill the song is.

thanks for the comments you can also watch it on vimeo http://vimeo.com/23367221 or utv http://einrad.tv/video/1253-ExtremeUnicycling2010LutzEichholz

:astonished: . . :astonished: . . :astonished: . . :astonished:
That drop is daaammmnnn close to if not THE world record!!!

HOLY CATZ! Nice work! I think the choice in scenery and quality of camera lens made a difference. Huge drops like that aren’t something you see very much of which was pretty rad.

Amazing drop!

pretty cool

pretty radical

Thanks for all the nice comments!

We didnt measured it directly but we tried to measure it in some pictures we took from the drop. In the picture it looked like 5-6m (16-19feet).

I dont know off any jump landet which came close to this. I also think its a dangerours record because everybody can try to jump down a cliff.

I personaly prepared a lot before doing it and did many training jumps between 2-4m high to see if i and my uni can take the impact otherwise i would never have tried it.