How does everyone transport their unicycles? I have a small SUV that barely fits my KH 29" with the seats folded down. I have a daughter who needs to be in a car seat in the back.

Do you guys use bike racks? Those make me paranoid because the unicycle is easily worth $2500 since I put a Schlumpf hub in it.

On a second note… How do you guys deal with rain if it has to be transported in the rain?

Any recommendations on bike racks, if that’s the way to go?

I’ve transported my 29" Oracle with a KH bar with a Mont Blanc carrier on a roof rack along with other bikes and a tandem. The carrier is like this one:

I put the wheel in the dished part where the bike front wheel goes, the clamp can slide up an down until you get a decent fit onto the uni frame. I put an extra couple of straps round the wheel just to be sure. The clamp has a lock so it locks it closed clamped around the frame (at least on what I have). I have also put a cable lock through the wheel and around the actual roof rack bar too (the one that goes across the car) if I’m feeling paranoid.

I bought a couple of these Mont Blanc carriers quite a few years ago for transporting short wheelbase recumbents on the roof, they are pretty versatile, I’ve even used them for regular mountain bikes :slight_smile:

With respect to rain, I just put a large plastic carrier bag over the seat and secure it in place with a bungie cord. The rest of the uni has to take its chances in the wet, the same as the bikes do.

I found a photo of the 29"er on the roof, not the clearest, but you get the idea.

I’ve had 4 26"/27.5" unicycles+ luggage for 5 people for a weekend in a Volvo V70 wagon, without folding any seats down, so I’m mildly confused you don’t have enough space for one 29". For multiple unicycles, you lower the seats, and take off the pedals.

If you haven’t already, you might want to try if a quick release seatclamp, and try if the unicycle fits with the saddle lower. Sucks having to adjust it, but I’d prefer it over a roof rack. They work (even for unicycles), but make wind noise, get hit in parking garages and decrease fuel economy.


It fits my wife’s Lightning P38 recumbent, my 36", a load of luggage and three people, all on the inside, out of the rain. Or a tandem. Or a whole menagerie of unicycles and gear. Or seven passengers and seven Munis piled up behind them. Or furniture & stuff.

Not as big as a full sized pickup with a cap, but more stuff fits inside (taller and longer). Minivans have more interior space than any non-ridiculous SUV. Fuel economy is not great, but is way better than the pickup, or a Ford Expidition or similar. When we’re not bringing lots of stuff, we drive Jacquie’s ES300h at 42 mpg. But sometimes, we want to bring our toys on longer trips, like up to NAUCC in Washington or up to Lake Tahoe this weekend.

People will see your minivan and say “I didn’t know you have kids.” You can think up your own comebacks to that. I adorn the back window area of my van with lots of unicycle-related stickers and license plates that say “UNICYCL”. :slight_smile:

Ski box

Ahh… a Norwegian has arrived! :stuck_out_tongue:

We use a hitch mounted bike rack on our Rav4 and the unicycle gets held horizontally by the seat post.

We use a cable lock when we rarely need security.
Pain in the butt, but it works.

Use a plastic bag or make a nice seat cozy for the wetness.

I use a Peugeot 308 station wagon and my 29" fits in back. Some issue when 3" tire is with high PSI

1976 VW van here. Fits lots of unis. :smiley:

Love that all those have one wheel per person! :slight_smile:

Makes me think of my Kris Holm T shirt with the VW camper with the unis on the roof.

:slight_smile: Thanks. It’s just the two of us though, try as I might for some reason she just won’t entertain the notion of riding a unicycle :wink: The tandem keeps wheel/person parity though but that gets really messed up if I take my recumbent trike (and transporting it is a whole different game!)

Yes, the old VW Van/Bus held lots of unicycles and were good on gas. Unfortunately they weren’t so good at other things, like driving in the cold, driving in the snow, Heating the interior in the cold, etc. :slight_smile:

BTW, here’s a picture of the stickers on my current minivan. I found an old Unicylcing Society of America one, that I don’t think will last long in the sun, but why keep it if I’m never going to use it! The AAA sticker is “Auto Club of New York”, where I used to live, so a bit of a novelty on the West coast.


The stickers are cool but nowhere near as cool as your licence plate. :slight_smile:

Nice haha

So you’re saying I should bring all of my unicycles when I go to purchase a new vehicle and pick the one that makes them feel cozy?


I tried the other day and I was able to fit it folding the double back seat down. Car seat was still usable, so that’s good at least. I’m thinking to just get a bike rack for the bike only since my unicycle wa$n’t cheap. Drop of rain scares me from riding it haha. 29" KH + Schlumpf + Wheel Build + mini handle bars = broke

This though…

So small

I normally put just my 29er in the back of the car (Citroen DS4 as in the photo above). It only goes on the roof if the car is packed full of “stuff” when we are going away.

Given it is a European car it is reasonably compact but the 29er fits in okay without folding the seats down. It is a bit tight getting it in with the bar-ends hitting the headlining but once it is in there is no problem and it sits at about 45 degrees. There would be a lot more clearance if I took the seatpost out and just laid that down beside the wheel (there is enough slack on the brake hose).

Can you get a quick release seatpost clamp so it is easy to take the seat/handlebar out? I guess you could always take the pedals off too if they are an issue.

I have a nissan Note from 2016. With one seat down and my daughter in the other seat i can fit in a 32" with 26" on top as well as an autoped of my daughter. However last week I bought a Volvo XC40 as my wife and I wanted a car with more space. It will first be delivered in September though. At work they joked I could prolly fit in all my 10 unis. In any case I dont expect I would ever take more than 2 unis along anywhere. Also have a bike carrier but dont wanna use it for unicycles

Thanks! I got those in 1995 and they’re showing their age. the one on the front has lost much of its reflective coating! The CA DMV doesn’t have a clear path on how to replace custom plates. I pay extra for them every year, but somehow they’re supposed to last forever?

Sure. But bring them in what? :stuck_out_tongue:

What we have done at least once is bring the one thing that’s the hardest to put in. In this case, it would be my wife’s older, taller recumbent. But I’ve been driving Siennas since 2003; the newer one has essentially the same interior dimensions as the old one. Before that, I had Dodge Caravans (and Jacquie didn’t have recumbents) so it was then about the 45" Big Wheel. In my case one of the needs was to bring a bunch of various unicycles to go to shows or conventions, so the minivan makes more sense. If you only plan to bring one or two most of the time, you have lots more choices of what to drive.

For fit, once upon a time, two friends and I fit six unicycles and the three of us, with our luggage, into a VW Beetle and drove it from Detroit to Long Island and back. All were inside. We had three 24" “regular” unicycles, a 27" Ultimate Wheel and two 2-wheel unicycles (vertical stack); one with 16" and the other with 20" wheels. Seats and pedals off. The three 24’s went behind the back seat, the Ultimate went under the “bonnet” up front, and the two tall ones went along the center of the interior, between the seats. All the luggage went on one side of the back seat. Whee! I got my first VW Bus the following year…

this is how I transport my munis…the Yakima Anklebiters and Frontloaders are an excellent and safe way to transport unicycles.