Training wheels

Do you think more people would be interested in unicycles with training wheels?

They could potentially come in two or three wheel configurations, and they would make unicycles easier and safer to ride.

Ae there any companies offering this that I should look at to consider buying from?


The one in the first picture would be virtually unrideable since leaning the uni is fundamental to control. The second one wouldn’t provide much opportunity to learn. It wouldn’t steer if one of the training wheels was touching the road. And it would add a potential for injury during dismount.

Definitely not less dangerous.

BTW The standard uni rider’s answer to “unicycle with training wheels” is “its called a bicycle”.

As soon as you add wheels, it’s a fun toy, but it’s no longer a unicycle. I’ve ridden one of the trick bikes, which is basically 2 unicycles strapped to each other, and I could hardly ride it until I picked the front wheel up, then I was fine.

Right, it’s a tricycle. :smiley:

From what I’ve seen lately, even training wheels for bicycles are less popular these days. Balance bikes seem to be the way most are introducing their kids to riding, without pedals but with just two wheels.

Cool pictures! In the first one, my guess is that if an adult tried to use those wheels for support, they would bend instantly. They would offer zero help in learning to ride, as the side-to-side balance isn’t an issue until the rider figures out front-to-back control.

The second picture is cool because clearly that thing is old! It has some small potential as a learning aid, though I wouldn’t recommend it. It allows the uni to be on one wheel if you’re balanced, but for a learner I think it would create a very jerky experience as you banged back and forth between the front and back wheels. And yes, steering would be greatly diminished.

Get comfortable with dismounting in various directions, get a good support (like a tennis court with a chainlink fence you can grip onto), and learn safely, with only one wheel.

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On a few websites I’ve seen something similar to the attached picture, but unfortunately, I’m not aware of anyone selling one. I found this picture here in regard to a bike show in 2014 in Taipei. I don’t personally think there’s anything wrong with it, as long as it’s used as a tool to simply get the rider comfortable with sitting on the saddle and pedaling, but I do think it could be cost-prohibitive for the short time it should be used unless it were purchased by a gym or someone that would use it for different students over time. I also think it should be used very temporarily, otherwise, the learner could become completely dependent on it.

I think most of us just managed to find something to hang onto while getting the feel for being in the saddle and pedaling around. I started by hanging onto the rail of a large trampoline and just going around it while pedaling, which I think was probably better than training wheels. I still had to stay in the saddle and upright by shifting my weight and manipulating the pedals, but I also had a little help with the railing.

Whatever you’re going for here, good luck with it, and I hope you’ll let us know how it turns out.


Balance handle is the way to go. I love this video:

After a quick search on YouTube, I found this:

That seems OK. It kind of reminds me of devices I’ve seen to help people ice skate that sort of looks like a walker.

^^^^ I like that one. I’ve also heard of people using a shopping cart as a training aid (or trolley, if you’re in the UK). Pretty easy to find one of those, too, just go over to the local market parking lot and practice away! You don’t have to take it anyplace, either!

This is the best one I have seen. Ideally you would want to be able to raise the wheels higher and higher so as the person improves it would need them to be REALLY off balance before the wheels touch the ground.