Training for CA MUNI WEEKEND

This weekend I realized I wasn’t living up to the training I’d promised myself I would do to prepare for CMUW. So I decided that I’d go into hyper-training mode.

Started on Sunday with a personal record-breaking 9-mile pavement ride on my 24". In addition to my rides around campus at lunch, I’ve been hitting the trails after work for about an hour. Just over the last 4 days, my skills have improved 100%. I’m riding down and over stuff I wouldn’t have even attempted a month ago. This weekend myself and some other club members will be hitting up the front country trails again here in Santa Barbara and I can’t wait to see what I can ride over compared to our last trip.

I must say it’s all of you excellent riders out there that push me to keep trying to improve. I’m sure after the event I’ll be even more motivated!

Love to hear if anyone else is doing any beyond the norm training.


Ex-Texan Matt,

Well, I had just shifted into hyper training mode by doing extra hill work in anticipation of what we will be riding at Cal Muni Weekend. As you know we don’t have mountains here, but some really steep hills.
Then, after a good ride on Monday I twisted my knee, so I am resting it now and going to lose at least a week.

I have overtrained for events before, so don’t make that mistake. In fact, why don’t the rest of you just sit around and watch TV and eat ice cream until then. That should help make up for my lost training time. :angry:

It is going to be a great group of riders and personalities.


i to am a slacker.

most of my training rides consist of riding 1km to the local tavern.i then have about 2 pitchers of the energy drink known as Bud Light…

after that,i ride home,and to make the training ride home longer i swerve all over the road turning 1km into about 3km.

Is it fun to ride intoxicated? I used to go for trail runs after drinking. That was fun.

I have been training too. Actually, I’ve just been riding more than normal. The CAMUNIWKEND gives me a good excuse for not being around the house.


since we have children here, i wont recommend it as a good way of learning;)
there is, however, something to be said for the feeling of accomplishment when u actually ride the machine in a state where u couldn’t even pronounce unicycling
almost like when u first started to learn
i maintain there is nothing quite as nice as impressing yourself

this could be an interesting poll topic

Wow, you are more serious than I thought. Giving up real beer for Bud Light is quite a scarifice!


Best be careful here. One of our trials bike friends just got a DWI for riding his bike whilst under the influence. Of course it was on “The Hill” in Boulder where the police are looking for things like that.

I guess we would call it UWI, or perhaps there are more inventive terms…

oh no!
as if trying to figure out if u can legally ride on the pavement wasn’t bad enough, now we have to figure out if a unicycle qualifies as a vehicle to be in control of while under the influence so as to be liable for a fine?
and i guess this will vary from council to council, country to country and continent to continent?

In the UK it doesn’t. You can’t get points on your licence, or get done for motoring offences for anything other than things you do in a motor vehicle.

However, you can get done for being drunk & disorderly or for riding furiously, or whatever on a bike (and presumably on a unicycle) if you ride particularly badly / dangerously whilst drunk.


i guess this thread went off-topic…

Hijacked by a bunch of drunks… :smiley:

My knee is feeling better and I think I will try to ride a little tomorrow. Maybe I can get back to training, but it won’t be as intense as I had planned. Now I do wish I had brakes.


Well…No off road training today but we did have a club meet on campus focusing on honing certain skills. I chose to work on riding down steeper stairs. Conquered this set and only fell smack on my butt once! And yes I usually do wear protective gear, but I forgot it today.


Stair practice yesterday paid off today. Romero Canyon was a blast. The singletrack section was good once I got warmed up and the fireroad at the end was fast, bumpy and open the whole way down!


How about stupid?

While riding a unicycle intoxicated might be fun, and make for some good video, doing it where you might expose others to danger would be irresponsible. That sounds like the spot in Boulder being mentioned, which is probably also a more dangerous place for bikes due to possible downhill speeds.

Back to the topic of training: For what it’s worth, I haven’t been on a trail or on my MUni since we rode Lloyd Johnson’s trail on Sept. 7… setting up events definitely cuts down on ride time!

I’m glad that I’m not the only one who hasn’t been putting in the time practicing. Mine is because of my car. Haven’t been in the mood to do much of anything.

another intensive night of training,for me the week-end is mostly a social call eh?why else would i be there?