trails level system

WHy isint there a rateing system for trials riders i think we should make one i want to see how i compare to other riders

because the big unicycle honchos are like any other big cycling organization like the UCI; they dont like progession and change. They live in the past.

we should have a trials revoltion

THey have levels for freestyle,dont they?

I dont agree with that…

if you think it’s so important, why don’t you do it yourself? :slight_smile:

no dk is rite freestyle is like OG unicycling trials is fairly new but i still think we should make our own system

I think there should be

Height up

height down




well i have to go to bed or i would work on it so good luck you can do it

Kris made one. Search U-trials or U-trials levels or something.


DK, tell us how you really feel. Were you speaking about anyone in particular? Some of us “honchos” read here.

The 10 IUF Skill levels, which are drived from the 4 USA Skill levels. In both cases, these levels were developed by unicyclists (not honchos) who decided they wanted a levels system. Later on, that system was ratified by the big honchos because it was the best list at the time.

In other words, us honchos are all ears. Show us your future.

More specifically, there is supposed to be a group working on a universal (or more wide-ranging) system for skill levels for many areas of unicycling. The group is under the leadership of Carol McLean from TCUC, and I can get you connected with her if interested. I don’t know if her group is still working, or if they ran out of creative gas.

When the old level system was created (1-4, 1979 by Jan Layne), it was a set of “unicycle” levels. There wasn’t as much to do with unicycles back then. No Trials, MUni, long-distance riding, or Street. Mostly it was clubs, parades, and trick riding. The original levels contained a speed element (ride a mile in under 8 minutes) and a prop element (ride while doing an additional skill).

When we reworked the levels in the mid-1980s (led by Sem Abrahams), the idea was to simplify it to all stuff that could be done in a gym. This allowed levels stuff to go on in all weather. But that did focus it more on Freestyle.

I cant find it.Can anyone help?

that thread. The link on page 2 or somewhere downloads a word document.

I didn’t direct this to anyone, but more so the general IUF. Most governing bodies in any sport dont reallly keep up with the progression and technology of the sport. Nothing more to say, i do have.

OK. Here goes.

Level 1 MUNI - must be able to circumnavigate turbulent air on smooth trails without eating dirt.

Level 2 MUNI - must be able to drop off of a 6" root on an otherwise “smooth” trail (except normal “trail turbulence”) and roll-out without eating dirt. Must also be able to jump a 6" log or other obstacle - with no ramp - and roll-out without eating dirt.

Level 3 MUNI - must be able to drop off a 6" root on a steeply declining hill of 5 feet or more and roll-out without eating dirt. Must also be able to jump a 10" log or other obstacle - with no ramp - and roll-out without eating dirt.

Level 4 MUNI - must be able to climb a 200 foot hill at 10 degrees – “smooth” trail except normal “trail turbulence” – without vomiting or eating dirt. Must be able to ride over a 12" fallen tree where the mountain b*kers have stacked logs to form a ramp and rollout. (Ride forward, not hop sideways.)

Level 5 MUNI - same 200 foot climb as Level 4, but with roots - lots of roots. Vomit ok as long as no one else knows. Must be able to tree-walk 30 feet along a fallen tree, then roll-out on the dismount.

Level 6 MUNI - must be able to hop across a creek on whatever rocks exist without getting your @55 wet. Falling in the creek is also a disqualification. Must be able to ride over a 24" fallen tree where the mountain b*kers have stacked logs to form a ramp and rollout. (Ride forward, not hop sideways.)

Level 7 MUNI - must be able to drop 2 feet down a severely knarly, rooted, steeply declining 8 foot hill, and roll out at the bottom with all of your blood and teeth.

Level 8 MUNI - must be able to ride back up Level 7 hill without voiding or other expulsion. Must be able to ride over a 36" fallen tree where the mountain b*kers have stacked logs to form a ramp and rollout. (Ride forward, not hop sideways.)

Level 9 MUNI - must be able to ride for more than 2 hours non stop covering more than six miles, and include each of the Level 1-8 activities in the second hour of riding.

Level 10 MUNI - must be able to complete Levels 1-9 without pads, contusions, whining or vomiting.

If you vomit, you go back a level. If you UPD, you go backwards on the trail 25 feet, and start over.

Or something like that…

i love it

Dear Honchos with ears :wink:

Last week while reading that Olimpic thread I was about to name the UCI and IUF in one sentence.

I’ve met the current president of the UCI (Dutchman Hein Verbruggen -who’s also IOC member-) a couple of times. In his early years he experienced much resistance within the profesional cycling world. But despite he made MTB & BMX Olympic within no-time!

And so last week I though… what if the IUF just would trade in their name, and become part of this IOC recognized organisation, who’s members (countries) all are have close relations with many federal (and other national) departments and organizations.
Would’nt that make promoting and spreading the sport much much easier?

Yes, it certainly will involve new people, and adventually could make the sport very commercial (with all its benefits and even more disadvantages)…

And yes, I have seen what happened in the mid 80-ies to BMX and kunst-radfarhen/unicycling within national cycling federations in Europe. But this time we could surf on the wave of the success of Muni.

But… would it be a tactical set?
Or is the "I"UF gonne do it all themselfs?

Meanwhile we’re watching curling and other joyfull activity on the silverscreen.

Yes, the USA, Inc. has been working on a skills system for Trials moves for over two years. We’re near the field test stage, but we could use more input. It’s a very difficult system to devise, and we’ve come a long way from the first rough draft we came up with many months ago.

It’s called Technical and focuses on hops, drops, gaps, skinnies, and other skills.

It’s part of an entirely new skills system that covers many more riding styles – artistic, UW, giraffes, and others. The new system is much broader and more challenging. It also provides smaller steps for new riders, so it’s easier to pass the first few levels.

Just let me know if you want more information. Riders from all over the world have helped develop the new system so far.

email: unicyclecentral at hotmail dot com


USA, Inc. Skills Development Committee Chair

John F, I’m a little confused… You are listed as one of the Directors of USA and are listed in several other leadership roles on the USA site. Why is it that you don’t KNOW about the work being done by Carol McClean and the Skills Development committee? The Directors should be in touch with what’s happening within a small organization like USA.

Personally, I know that Carol Mcclean is working on the skill rating system (including trials) and has put a lot of time into the project. I think it’s sad to see that there is not more support and recognition from USA leadership for her work.


I think John does know about this work!

Please Carol It would be great if you give us alittle more information!!

May be a part of one of those drafts…



Carol McLean has been very quiet on the local and national level with her new levels system. I know she has been working very hard and has been emailing with a lot of people internationally – BUT she hasn’t been communicating this with the TCUC or USA officers.

It isn’t so much that there isn’t support - Carol hasn’t shared her work with the USA officers. How can you support something that you don’t know anything about?

I have a real problem with people associating the new system with TCUC. The really active members of TCUC aren’t involved at all in the new system; the advanced freestyle riders of TCUC haven’t been asked at all to help; the officers have no updates or information on the new system from Carol.

TCUC President