hey guys this is just a little trailer for me new solo vid cumin out in month or so. enjoy! :sunglasses:
here’s the link

Wow that was awesome. Is that big rail next to the red building the same rail that Alex grided a while ago? it looks familiar.

I really want to see the finished vid.

nice. me wanty.

Holy crap you’re good at rails! Nice flips and the 360s look butter smooth.

I like those rails you did! very nice

I want more! can’t wait to see the final product:D

haha well that looks like all our footy rite there, we better film this weekend like you said!

gona be good! the dan cowling special* is coming… lawl

really good. go u grind crank or pedal?

Nice wee video. I love the green colour on them frames too wish i could find someone in the UK who could do a stip and respray of my frame in that colour :sunglasses:

Wow sweet vid man! When will you be done with the final project?

Dang that was good! You make it look so easy-but it ain’t!:smiley:

like gordythegon tried 2 write, do u grind on your cranks or your pedals?

nice music

By far the best street vid i have seen!!! nice ledge grind at the start!

And this was just the trailer. =p


yeah i do rails with my pedal, and ledges with me crank/pedal. and thanx 4 all the comments people.

nice 360’s and I like the gap with a spin.

really nice i loved the crankflip off the ramp thing tht bryan does all the time on his bc very good riding:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses: :slight_smile: