Older KH frames

What colours dod the older KH frames come out in and can you tell me if that is what Dan Cowling is riding in the following link as that green looks amazing
I presume best place to get one of the older frames or any different frame is from Darren at Bedford uni’s, has anyone else ordered frames through him to the UK as I would be interested to know on the final cost (shipping and stuff)

Dans frame would be a summit custom painted green.

Isn’t Sponge still selling his 04’ KH frame?

The '05 onwards were blue, the 03 and 04 were black. Sponge bought an 04 steel frame from darren bedford and i believe he is indeed now selling it.

I think sponge has now sold that framei’m sure it was mentioned in the post it had been sold.
Which is the summit frame also I have not seen these?