Torker - Unistar DX

Hi there,

I was wondering if any one of you have this unicycle. If you do, please give me a quick review and how it has treated you. I am looking for a unicycle to do some freestyle and some off road. Thanks!


The DX would be a good unicycle for what you said-but wich size are you getting? 24" would be better for off road, 20" better for freestyle. You’ll have to decide.

The DX is sturdy, I’ve done almost 6 foot drop on mine. I also like the 20" for freestyle. Its a great uni for the price.

It’s a great uni. It’s real strong and perfect for learning freestyle and street tricks. It requires a bit of main-tin-ence to keep it from falling apart, but other than that it is perfect.

Cheap too.

make sure that pin that hold the crank on is always tight… mine gets loose alot

same here. It’s okay if you don’t lose the cap, but one side always comes loose on the one I ride.

The cranks hurt my ankles, too. (my first permanent scars! Yay!)

That can be fixed. You just dont have it tightened enough, its hard to get enough leverage with those little hex key/allen wrenches. If you have access to a bike shop, get or borrow a hex wrench that has a good handle, and go ahead and crank that bolt down tight. Not super SUPER tight, but pretty tight.

If not, first, make sure that you have the right size wrench.

Then, get a small pipe or tube that fits around the wrench, to make the wrench about 5-6 inches longer for more leverage.

Or, get a hammer and tap the wrench about 1/2 turn past how tight you can get it by hand, repostioning the wrench every tap.

Is the DX good for trials a tall? I’m trying to find a cheap unicycle tha will be good for trials and muni.

I think it’s strong enough, but the problem is that the tire is so small compared to other trials unicycles. It doesn’t have as much grip or bounce. I’m waiting for the 2006 version to come out, because it IS a real trials unicycle.

PLenty strong enough, except the rim. If you keep the spokes tight and the rim true, it’ll be much stronger.

What about stalls and grinds? would it be sturdy enough to withstand that? And also, is it good for jumping to heavy?

check out the new one


I just ordered one of these babies, unfortunately it’s shipping from Utah, and I live in Pennsylvania, so I may not have the damn thing until Haloween freakin’ crap.

When I do get it you can be sure I’ll take it out right away, I’ll put my two cents in about it then.

If were still talking about the older '05 DX, yes. The new ‘06 even more so, but the older all black DX’s will hold up to plenty, if your careful. I have done a 5 1/2’ drop on my old DX’s. I also grinded and pedal grabbed, etc. with it.

The only thing I’m concerned about is seat comfort, I’m used to riding on a friends (long-term-borrowed) Kris Holms style saddle, and I’m hoping the DX has a comfy seat? I’m assuming it’s the same seat as other productions, if it is, can anyone drop me a line about how comfortable they are? I’d hate to spend 250 on a new uni, and then have to shell out another 40 bucks for a kris holms seat to accomidate my discerning bum.

The DX style saddle is almost Identical to the KH. I can’t tell any difference between them, but that’s just me.

I think it may even be a tad more softer than the KH…

The old DX seats are softer than KH. The new red DX seats are pretty much the same as KH, but stiffer than they were before.

I’ve had a DX 24" for 3 months now and love it. I commute about 20 miles a week plus run the dog 2 or 3 nights. I rarely go off road, though.

Two issues I’ve noticed:

  1. the spokes seem to come loose quickly (squeaky), I seem to be forever tightening them.
  2. The pedals are a wee bit narrow. I catch my heel on the knob on the axle and UPD. So I installed wider pedals from my Kona Stinky Dee (who needs a bike when you can uni). Problem solved.

I intend to buy a KH 29" next (unless I buy a Coker 36", then buy a KH29"!).


Hmm, thats weird, I never really have much problems with the spokes coming loose like that, and I do all kinds of drops and hopping and stuff.

You might want to have a bike shop mechanic check it out. Maybe your not getting them tight enough?

A friend of mine has the Torker DX, and I have ridden it. The bottom side of the handle for the seat is textured with plastic in lines, and after jumping over things for a while, my fingers were really hurting from how rough it was. I have a Kris Holm seat that is somehow different, and I much prefer it. Also, I am 5’8" or so, and I weigh 136lbs., and the dx was much too heavy for me. I used to ride on the United Trials, and I recently put it out of comission permanently (lets say a tig welder, an abandonded courthouse, and me with an afternoon to myself). I loved the United while it lasted though, and it weighed 12 lbs.

The newer KH’s have those grooves too.