Torker/Unistar DX frame breakage

has anyone done this to a torker DX yet?

that’s a friends uni. it looked like rust got into that joint at the crown and weakened it.


no … say it aint so … :frowning:

(I have one on delivery soon)

I’ve never seen that happen to a Torker frame before. I think that’s something that should be added to the BustedUni gallery of busted unicycles.

Good job!

there are more pics of it here .

After seeing your closeup pix …

… looks to be mendable …
(know a welder …?)

Have you thought about what you are going to do about the frame? Weld it back? If you get a new frame, you have to keep in mind that Torker frames use a 25.4 mm seatpost.

Other then the broken frame, how’s that DX holding up for you? Mainly, I’m interested in the wheelset.

As I said, the uni is not mine (and that is not me in the photo), but the wheelset is strong from what I can tell. He rides it hard - takes it off 1 - 2 ft drops.

He may get it rewelded or find a frame that can accomadate a 24X3 tire.


NOOooooooooooo!Iv’e got rust in my seatpst tube too!:frowning: :roll_eyes:

The wheelset is prettygood,iv’e done a couple 4 foot drops on mine.And its held up great so far. Im sorta light,but my bad rolling out form makes that up.


I think I am going to do this on a MTB.

Can you comment on the course. Is it easy enough for a newbie to complete on a uni? How much of the course is technical for a uni? How much is technical for a MTB?

Is anyone going to try this ( on a uni?

What was he doing to break it like that?

Probably riding uphill or something like that.

I don’t think it was anything out of the ordinary. It wasn’t a wreck that broke it.

You might want to spray some Frame Saver or a similar product in the frame when you get your new uni. But I have to admit that I haven’t done that to any of my unicycle frames yet.

How to Prevent Rust in Your Bike Frame

I don’t get it. I see unicycles, I see large horizontal pieces of timber, but I don’t see any unicyles on or dropping off the large horizontal pieces of timber.:wink:

Has that DX been out in the rain or water?

Man that sucks, I have both sizes of the torker dx, and thats never happened to me.

Funny stuff. well torker DX. Let me see. I broke my first frame at that spot awhile ago, fomr ust over use. Well i had an extra and used that. But it broke, and used my LX frame since my LX’s hub borke. so 2 broken frames. YEt one was rewelded. But then my LX frame broke. So used the rewelded one. So two broken frames, and one’s been rewelded. That one broke shortly after but had the other two repaired. So now i’m using the rewelded one. And the other broken frame is fixed. I think i’ve broken like 5 frames, or something like that. I think i’m missing some more to that story. oh well. This was in a period form about june to september. lol. laters

Shaun Johanneson

Actually, I have seen him take a drop that was a tad taller than our unicycles. Overall, his uni has been very durable - he has ridden it for months, while my unicycle (with high end parts) has needed constant repair. I think he got his money`s worth.

I know a good welder (near Duane`s) that can probably fix that for $20 or less.

1, This is a “threadjack” and should be discussed on the local mailing list.
2. I do not believe that it will be too technical for a unicycle or mountain bike. Typically the trail is chosen for distance, not for extremely tech. In part, that is for safety reasons (night riding/exhaustion). With training, I would bet you could do it.
2. I would like to do this on a unicycle. If we can field such a team, I would like to be on it. (I`m guessing AJ, Eric, Me and ?? would do it on a uni)

Well then why didn’t you post your answer there?!!?!

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Dont be so sensitive. Really, I am not insulting you. I heard that youre an OK guy (from a generous guy anyway).
I hope to meet you one day so that you will be more comfortable.

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