Torker Unistar AX 29"

I think I regret buying the torker

No… not anymore. :frowning:

To upgrade the seat to a KH I’d need

a. a KH seat
b. a rail adapter.

I thought I would need just the seat and a new seat post but according to UDC that is not possible since the posts don’t come in the size needed for my AX.

The rail adapter is costly and heavy. What is the point of adding that weight to my lightweight AX.

She (my AX) did perform well on the trails today. But it is hard to sit on a brick.

I should have bought a KH.

Now. Do I buy a KH or coker?
And how many unis DOES one person need?

You can never have enough unicycles, what was the average, 5? per person.

Buy a 36"! It is so nice.

I almost bought an AX, but backed out because it would be difficult to mount a KH seat. The way I was planning to the change was to buy a seat, a regular std 4 bolt post, and a shim. I don’t remember the correct size needed to adapt to a torker, but AEB had it (UDC has some shims).

BTW, I’ve since been using rail adapters and they are more comfy.

i suggest making an airseat i have one and its not aKH or nimbus level of comfort but it is better.
then go for the corker

i agree people wh dont ride do not understand though the dont understand how there are difrent styles of riding and unis to accompany that style i only have 3(learner giraffe and 29er) so far but im still working on it next addittion is a trials/flat

I’m thinking of rigging up something like this.

although i’m finding that, after several weeks of intermittent soreness “down there,” i’m beginning to not have nearly as much pain…of course i haven’t done any rides of longer than 15 or so miles yet, and the soreness would probably recur if i did any real distance riding…but i have been commuting 9 miles a day, 4-5 days a week, and doing 3-4 mile XC MUni rides whenever i get the chance, and the problem seems to have subsided a lot…

so i guess i will see…if i find that i really do need to change the saddle for longer rides, i’ll try bolting a thomson directly to a KH freeride saddle…if that turns out to be less than ideal, i might have to go for a scott wallis DeRail base (and yeah, i do realize that that setup may very well end up costing as much as an entire stock Torker AX)

A more concise version of what i said in my last post is that your tender spots may start to toughen up. Or at least, mine have.

oh, and if you are going to buy a new unicycle, definitely go for a 36er

The KH, although superior to the AX in many ways, is too similar to justify owning both. It uses a(n undesirable) rail adaptor. It’s also somewhere between 1 and 2 pounds heavier than the AX (not to say it’s a pig or anything).

The biggest thing is price, though. A KH29 costs about $600. Our AX29s cost about $250. A new (2nd gen) Coker Big One (with aluminum frame and rim) starts at $439 and weighs a claimed 16 lbs. That’s a heck of a deal if you ask me.

As everyone says, just my 2 cents, and all that…

5… ok then I’m still below the average. I can get two more. :wink:

An airseat. That is a good idea. Either that or go for the adaptor.

You’ve made some good points especially about the cost. For that money I’d be better off with the Coker. And lately I’ve started thinking more and more about it. To “explain” the purchase though… to family members who don’t ride… hm… :roll_eyes:

As for toughening up areas. No problem there. I had a noname with a saddle from hell. One of these days I am going to post a pic of that seat here. It cut my thighs something fierce. I’ve got three pairs of destroyed denim jeans. But I kept riding it 'cuz that is all I had at the time. The Torker saddle of course is better than that but a miserable ride for distance.

A Coker. I’m about talked into it. Then again … talking “me” into it is not the problem. Maybe there is a support group for families of unicyclists.

You are right, its not fantastic but certainly better than the brick. I had it converted yesterday. A big difference in comfort! Good luck with the trials uni.

Ive been unicycaling for a little over 2 months myself and started off with a 20" torker unistar ax for around $120 and I thought it was ok until I tried out my friends unicycle whos been unicycaling for about 2 weeks now. I find for most tricks the torker unistar ax is too bulky but thats just my opinion. I think it would be good for what your doing though.