Torker Unistar AX 29"

I just got into unicycling about a month ago and I love it. I bought a no name 20" unicycle and have been learning on that. I want to upgrade so I can go faster, ride some trails, etc. I am looking at the Torker Unistar AX 29". What do you think of this model?


Hawo Beetle,
1st Welcome to the forums my friend.

2nd Anything that is built by Torker is always a good buy and definitely value for money. Whether it be the LX or DX or AX. As for the AX 29. It is light and quick which is always a good thing. But what confuses me is why it has the LX Saddle. :thinking: I might be wrong about that. But that’s my opinion on it.

Anyways if you do consider getting 1, i will be jealous as i can’t get 1 here in Oz unless i ship it which isn’t going to happen.
Welcome to the forums.

Your new friend

I would think it would break a little too easily. Or at least bend. But who knows as long as its not a CX you should be good.

I have never seen one

haven’t read much about them either. Always sort of liked them though. I like the idea of a light weight alum frame, not to expensive. My review is non existent, but I doubt you will be disappointed. Surely you know a KH 29 is tougher, at 2+ the price, and heavier.
If you are going to ride flat streets, a 36 is better. You can’t have to many good unis. I have 3 plus a crappy one. I don’t have a 29 yet. Hard to justify, just watch what muniaddict does with the radial I already have.
So the worst I can say about a 29 is maybe you should consider a 36.

I am pretty sure I want a 29". I can’t afford the KH model, so I am looking at other 29’s available. The Torker AX is a good price, so is the Bedford. If anyone has riden these unis, can you tell me about them…

the qu-ax 29" has isis cranks and is pretty cheap. Dont know if its easily attainable in canada though

If you haven’t already, try the search function. There have been at least two review threads on the AX-29 in this section of the fora, both from Spring or early summer. Without having them in front of me to refer to directly (apparently I’m too lazy to search right now!), the people who bought them like them a lot. They seem to be sturdy enough to hold up to some off-road (and come with WTB Exiwolf tires, which are all right in the dirt) though probably not strong enough to do big drops or really technical muni. The only sore spot on the uni, and one not mentioned in the reviews IIRC, is the seat. It is the LX seat, which many people hate, although I don’t have any experience on it. Seats are easy to replace, anyway.

I was seriously considering this uni but ended up buying a KH29 instead, mostly due to the cheap price at AEbike and the double-holed cranks, which let it do double duty as a commuter and muni. I don’t think for around $220 you can beat it. Oh, and there’s a guy on eBay who sells these (price_thumper, I think) for about $190 plus $25 shipping or so, which is a better price than most other places. Others on these fora have bought from this seller and had good things to say about the experience.

Good luck!

It would be nice if I could find a KH29 for $190+shipping but it isn’t happening. There are no KH unicycles on ebay right now and aebikes doesn’t have any on their website. The KH29 goes for $600 on and I am not about to spend that much.

I think AE Bike will have them this month

I bet you will be happy with the ax. With my money I would hold out for a KH from AEB. I have 2 KH’s, they are cool enough to be worth the extra cash IMHO.
Figure you may own the thing for many years. A lot depends if you might want to try off road ( not that hard and a lot of fun). If you are sure you just want to ride streets, the ax is perhaps better, smooth tire, lighter, less cash. A KH will handle streets better then an ax will take to dirt.
If you buy the ax be sure to write us a review !:slight_smile:

Are you saying Price_Thumper sells KH29s for about $190?
Because I see he lists AX29s for that price right now, and I paid considerably more for a KH29 yesterday.

I bought a unicycle from price_thumper, a CX SE and when it finally came it was an LX.


He was talking about the AX for around $220. The KH 29 was around $450 at AEBike and they don’t have any for sale now. The KH29 is far superior to the AX in everyway.

oxfordrider - Thanks for the clarification; felt a case of buyer’s remorse coming on for a bit there.

stop complaining you got a far better unicycle

Actually, if you read what austingillespie wrote, it wasn’t a complaint, just a statement of fact.

I bought an AX 29 in March of this year and wrote a thread

with my initial thoughts on it. Now, after many miles of street riding,

I found out that the the frame is guaranteed for life and the

rest is guaranteed for a year, which is a good thing because

the peddle is striped in the crank, causing it to to move on the power


All in all, I like the AX, and it fits snug in the trunk of my

Toyota Corrola.

however, like yourself, I want to go faster and want a 36 inch but

I am spoiled by the light weight of the Ax 29. Too bad they do not

make an AX 36.

Thanks for the review xtor. I found your thread on the AX29 and that helps. I am almost convinced this is the unicycle for me!

Well, I ordered a Torker AX 29 last night… can’t wait till it gets here. I will post some pics when I get it.

Did you purchase the AX 29" ?

I believe I’m in the same boat as you. 20" too small and want to go fast.

Did you purchase a 29" yet ?

If you did I’d be interested in your comments and feed back.

Yah I bought it!

I bought the Torker AX 29 from and it arrived within a week via UPS. I am pretty happy with it but have the following comments:

The seat is terribly uncomfortable, like riding on a 2x4. I bought a piece of 2" high density foam from an upholstry shop and put it in the seat. For $6, this is a good fix but it is still not great. I will be looking for a new seat next year.

The seat post will only go half way into the tube. There is a ridge obstructing it from going all the way. I will be contacting Torker soon to see about having the frame replaced. For now I can ride it the way it is, but cannot lower the seat.

I am getting a clicking noise from either the peddals or the cranks. I have checked them and they seem to be tight enough, maybe the bearings in the peddals are to blame.

Other than these minor issues, I am very happy with it. It took a few days to get used to riding such a big uni, but now I would not go back to a 20". The speed is nice, it is still not fast enough to keep up with friends on their mountain bikes, but it is much faster than my old 20".

I like the mountain bike tire it comes with, it has a nice tread pattern. Not too nobby for city riding, and perfect for cross country trails.

For the price, this is a very nice uni. It only weighs 12lbs, close to the weight of my cheap steel 20"!!!