Torker Unistar AX 29"

Torker AX 29 Pictures

Here are some pictures of the Torker AX 29.



Count me as surprised that Canadians struggle with cross-border shipping, customs and guarantee problems when Darren Bedford is there in Toronto with exceptional service and a wide range of good quality unis.

I tried contacting Bedford by email before I ordered from the States, I have never recieved a reply.

There were no issues with shipping or border crossing. The unicycle arrived the very day they said it would arrive.

With the Canadian dollar now being equal to the American dollar, ordering from the States is even more attractive.

Sorry you couldn’t reach Darren. He is usually at or by phone at 416.729.9696. I guess the message fell into the bit bucket or a crevice in the ether.

I have had 3 torker unicycles(LX, DX24, DX20) and they all make the sound you are talking about.

It feels like its coming from the pedals, but its not. It is the spokes rubbing together since they are fresh, and I haven’t experienced a problem with that, it goes away after a week or two.

i think i may be getting an AX 29 soon too

i’m just trying to work out weather i’ll want to get a KH29 at some point in the future…i realize that the KH is a quite superior unicycle, but it’s also more than double the price…i’m not very good yet, but i’m dying to get off my 20" no-name learner unicycle (which is sort of a loaner from some neighbors of mine)…

one thing i’m not sure of is how difficult it will be to transition from the 20" to the 29", as well as weather i’ll be able to learn new skills on the bigger wheel…i’ve also been thinking of getting a Torker DX 24" for these reasons…however i hear the DX is exceptionally heavy, and is almost certainly more unicycle than i will ever need…not to mention being about 50% more expensive than the AX…

basically i want something i can continue to learn on, as well as ride around on/off-road (hopefully be able to do my 3 mile commute to work eventually)…obviously i won’t be doing much in the way of trials or freestyle on a 29", but i want to be able to tackle the local singletrack…

What i’m wondering is, how much abuse will the square taper cranks (which appear to be the primary weak piont of the AX) hold up to?

edit: oh, and is the saddle really that bad? is the saddle on the DX a different (better) one?

For what you’re describing, I’d choose the new Nimbus 29 with the ISIS splined cranks; it’s something like $260, so a terrific bargain–well worth the small price increase over the AX. Plus, it has a well-regarded seat, if not as comfy as the KH.

The 29 is much better if you want to commute (compared to the DX24). But depending on the local singletrack, it may be difficult to ride on the bigger wheel. I know that, in the rocky terrain around Chico, the 29er is significantly tougher to ride than my 24 muni. But I’m also filled with middle-age pudge, so if you’re one of those abysmally thin and muscular types it may not matter so much.

one thing i neglected to mention is that i work in a bike shop, so i can get Torker and Kris Holm unis for around wholesale…so i’m not really looking at Nimbus…

I finally got my AX29, and i really like it…although it is certainly harder to freemount than my 20", it is actually somewhat easier to ride…at least i think so

A KH fusion freeride seat will solve all of your saddle pains.

you would also need a new seat post to go with it.

Absolutely. I probably posted this on the other thread mentioned by pkittle but can’t say it enough. I love my AX. I don’t do really rough riding or big drops so the sturdiness is not a major issue for me… um (yet… :smiley: ) I love the light weight. It is amazing how much lighter it is than either of my 24" unis. And the Exiwolf tire? Only my lack of skill keeps me from maximizing what it could really do, but I’m satisfied with smooth rides over some semi rough ground and can finally go off curbs now. Yaah for me!

If I had more money when I bought the AX and was sure back then that I could handle and would enjoy a 29", I probably would have bought the KH.

My AX is in the shop right now… for the first time. Nothing is wrong with it but I just wanted a safety check done. Sooo… not being able to ride, I’m going through withdrawals. Hence my sudden appearance on the forums after a several month hiatus.

I love my AX. I said that already, didn’t I? :wink:

In the shop for a safety check ?

I’m not trying to make fun of you. I suspect we are polar opposites. It takes a broken bone to get me to see a doctor. I always work on my own stuff.

But why would you bring a uni to a bike shop for a safety check? Tapping spokes will find the loose ones. A pressure gauge can check tires, and your eyes tread wear. The bearings are unserviceable. None of these things fail suddenly, without clear warning, such as to impair safety.

I suspect the bike shop wrenches will laugh to themselves that the uni is missing a wheel, and it’s owner has a screw loose. Then return it to you after lightening your wallet.:wink:

Truly sir, I am just trying to be helpful. I think you worry to much. Relax, a lot of things may go wrong riding a uni. :astonished: We should be glad that the uni’s themselves are almost never to blame.:slight_smile: A simpler more trouble free method of wheeled transport has never been made .:smiley:

My LX 24" that is quite new had a stripped crank. I keep it as a loner so people will leave my AX alone. I blame myself for neglecting to check it. Both it and the AX were ordered through my LBS so I brought the AX in when I did the LX. I know I could easily have bought my unis online without the bike shop, but I think it is VERY important to support our LBS.

I was able to pick it up yesterday just before the shop closed. There was no charge for any work. And now my AX that I didn’t think had any problems is running smoother, is clean, and has lost its recently acquired squeek. The LX will be ready next week. The guys at thiis shop are great. One in particular appreciates the opportunity to work on my 29" since he only has a 24". Another guys who owns a beautiful blue KH is a fantastic rider. I aspire to ride 10% as well as he does some day. :slight_smile:

I’m a ma’am. :wink: And the only work I do on my car is put gas in it. Still you are right, I should do more service on my own uni’s. But I will still support my LBS.

i didn’t know they even made 29"

:smiley: They do and here’s the proof of the elegant 29er. :smiley:

That is elegant but he was talking about this i believe

I just received my AX 29er last week. It seems to be a decent ride except for the pedals! The pedals were discarded after the first 10 yards, NO GRIP. I’m also not to keen on the saddle front grip, its a little small for big hands. Other than that, the 29er ride is great, the WTB Exiwolf tire is a good combi tire. the AX is quite a bit lighter than my Quax 24" MUNI. I would recommend the Torker AX 29er to anyone looking for an inexpensive quality ride.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Congrats on getting an affordable sweet ride.

I’d been thinking about getting new ones for this very reason. Any suggestions?

Just the front grip? The whole saddle has to go. It’s not much better than a brick on extended rides.

But I agree about the tire. Actually I think the tire has spoiled me because now I hate riding my other unis. :wink:

Okay if you get the Torker AX29 you will get nailed with duty if you purchase it from the US. So I would reccomend the Bedford 29" I think its like $350 but you will get something that will probably last longer, and not get duty. Ive ordered a 20" uni from the US and got $90 + for duty, just think what a 29" would be.

I would reccomend Bedford Unicycles, Ive purchased many things from him and everything has been perfect. And if something goes wrong he will give you a free tune up.

Give him a call.


Yeah, My DX had about $90 duty total…

But it was still significantly cheaper than any similar quality Unicycle I could have bought in Canada.