Torker LX vs. Nimbus II vs. Semcycle XL

I am looking to buy my second unicycle. I learned to ride on a Savage 24" which is pretty beat up. I’m looking to get a better quality uni.

I am 6’2" and 165 lbs. I am mainly interested in basic cruising around on pavement with some going up and down curbs. No major drops, trials, or Muni riding. I haven’t had any trouble with feeling like my Savage was going to break with the riding I do, but it’s just so darn cheap. I’d like a higher quality ride without spending a lot of money.

I originally was looking at the Schwinn 24", but reviews seem to say that the Torker LX is at least as good for less money. Is the Torker LX a solid uni? I don’t want a lot of creaking and rattling. I can get one for $110. Is the Nimbus II 24" worth its pricetag that’s more than double the Torker LX? How about the Semcycle XL? Any other suggestions?

The Schwinn retains the classic name and some of the classic design of days gone by. The question these days is, why would you want a unicycle that only has 1" seat adjustments?

From the options you listed, the Nimbus II is far and away the best unicycle. The ISIS splined axle may be a bit overkill, but you still get a great looking machine (I like colored rims) and the best seat of the bunch. Besides, with the strong axle you can play around with the idea of MUni and Trials without worry. I’d go for that one without hesitation, if it’s in your budget.

Depends on what you’re doing, I guess. But after riding a mile on the Torker LX seat, I’m ready to get off for a bit- it’s not something you want to sit on all day.

Given the options you listed, I’d go for the Nimbus II, for the same reasons as JF.

You may want to consider getting something a bit different, like a 26" uni like the LX ($80 + ship. on e-bay). It’ll be a bit faster than a 24, easier tire selection at your LBS, roll over bums easier, should fit up to a 2.6" Kenda Kinetics nobby. The cranks and hub aren’t terribly strong, but stronger ones are available for little $.

IMO the Torker LX seat is like a well shaped brick (better shape than the CX or DX). I get sore after 5 min on the LX saddle (I have a tender underside). I can ride a Nimbus gell for up to 45 min w/ comfort, but the KH Fusion Freeride is by far the most comfortable seat I’ve tried.

If you’re planning on riding 20 inch freestyle, I would say the semcycle xl long neck frame can’t be beat! (that’s what I ride, and I have not ridden a single frame that felt better).

Torker LX would be good pricewise. If you’re going with a 24" get that. Since it seems you aren’t planning on anything extreme…

This Qu-ax is on sale for $225. Otherwise, I like the LX.

Nimbus ISIS… or that Quax on sale. (this should be a poll really…).

Can you still buy those? I haven’t seen them around and they aren’t on Sem’s site.

I think Darren Bedford mentioned he has them. This was in July, so it’s worth a check. They really are amazing frames for freestyle.

you mentioned you would like something better w/o spending a lot of money. it also sounds like you want it for pretty basic riding. the lx would be an awesome choice for what you are doing. the nimbus is stronger, and in my opinion is a much better looking cycle too! it may be overkill for what you are doing, but it is an exellent choice, and the cost is easily justifiable by the components.
the models i would consider:

torker lx:
overall very good build, could last quite long under casual use.
-has a suzue square taper hub, not as durable as an isis hub, but has a good track record, and there are many crank arm choices available to fit it. (you probably never need a stronger hub for the riding you described)
-you’ll probably want to replace the seat, it’s shaped fairly well, but it’s hard as a rock.
-rim is pretty strong for a single wall rim
-plastic pedals become slippery when wet, you may want to change them too.

nimbus II:
exellent build, frame is stronger, welds are much cleaner, stronger rim, hub and frame. seat is also much better.
-ISIS cranks, nimbus hub. hub is really strong, cranks are fine for casual riding, can be upgraded for more aggressive riding.
-nimbus gel seat is a pretty good saddle, much better than the lx
-double wall rim, stronger than torker rim
-also has plastic pedals w/ same disadvantages

torker ax:
nice light aluminum frame w/ same components as the lx. only thing you gain over the lx is less weight, and maybe a more attractive frame?? (personal preference)

i would second what skilewis74 said, that you may want to consider a 26". if you have the opportunity to ride one, definitely check it out! it may feel awkward at first, harder to maneuver, but it is a little faster, rolls over bumps better, and is more stable at speed (some may disagree), and it will always be easy to find tires and tubes.

Thanks very much for your input. After much deliberation, I ordered the Torker LX 24" As for strength and durability, I’m sure it will be sufficient for my needs for quite a while. The thing I was most worried about is what I’ve heard about the seat. I decided that I just need to try it for myself and see. If it’s too hard, I’ll probably try out the air-seat modification I found online for it.

I was torn between the 24" and the 26" after your inputs, but I decided that I am more interested in learning tricks and skills from the 10 skill levels than actually getting places on my unicycle, so I went for the smaller wheel. Maybe when this one wears out I’ll be ready to upgrade to a higher-quality unicycle.

good luck! sounds like you got the uni most suited to your current needs!
FYI, if you want to put a larger, higher volume tire on it at some point, most tires up to 2.5 will fit on that frame.
i have also done the airseat conversion on an lx, and would be glad to give input if you decide to go that route. the second build i did used a thin gel pad on top of the tube rather than foam.
i’ve found that while better than the standard seat, the airseat still puts pressure in the wrong places for long rides, and i would prefer something like the kh freeride seat w/ a deep central channel. Some people DO prefer the airseat. it’s worth a try. (this info is more for longer rides, for tricks a thin seat is better, and you won’t be putting as much weight on your seat. a street style seat may be a better upgrade.)