Torker Lx Problem

OK well for xmas i got a torker lx 2007 ive been riding for 2 days and im hopping up steps and stuff and when my dad coems to pick me up i hop just once and the right pedal pops out tearing all the threads out my dad soon used a can opener and a tool to kind of fix the thread so now its in there and youd never know the pedals brken off we were gonna buy new cranks but not anymor since we fixed it but the threads are pretty torn up at the front what should i do

Make sure the right is on the right and the left is on the left. Your right-hand pedal should be threaded normally – righty-tighty, lefty-loosie. The left pedal is threaded the opposite way. Make sure each is on the right side, and the pedals are screwed in good and tight. Not too tight on the damaged side though, they may strip!

If you can’t keep the pedals tight after the damage, you may need to get the holes re-tapped, or worst-case get a new crank on that side.

the lx cranks are fairly weak. stairs could destroy them. sounds more like the pedal never got tightened fully upon assembly. new cranks aren’t too pricey, helicoil is also a possibilty.

that sort of happened to me except it happened after a few weeks. it was about $25 AUS to get it re-threaded and $12 AUS to get a new steel crank. it may be a bit heavier but i cant feel a difference. just go to a bike shop and ask them to change it. should be right.

i really think for sure that you mite wan’t to use some good englishh and mabe evin some periods doyou know what i mean cus there was a can opener. :wink:

Seriously though, cranks are cheap, and a can opener fixit job won’t hold up to much riding.

ok will do