torker dx seat any good?😕

can anybody just give me a quick review on this seat?how comfortable it is,how stong it is,is it good for SIF.ect.

Here is a thread about the seat.

Personally, I don’t have a huge problem with it. But it’s less comfortable than the nimbus gel saddle and standard KH seat that comes on the Qu-ax.

Here’s another thread that briefly talks about the seat.

For me, the stock seat was very comfortable, it may not be for you though, as it is a preference thing.

The base is made with the same Velo base/design, just like the KH, Koxx, Qu-Ax, etc. So strength wise, it is the same as all other plastic bases.

The stock seat isn’t great for SIF, only because of its big block design, like the older KH and Qu-Ax saddles. But, with the DX, the staples easily come out, and you can easily remove the cover, and cut the foam thinner and to the shape you want. Attach the cover, and re-staple it back on, and it turns out to be a great seat/SIF seat.

thxs guy.would u say that the nimbus gel saddle is comftorble good for sif ect?


Yeah, because it has a slim profile, which is comfortable to hold onto with SIF.

I love the nimbus gel saddle. I think it is the best value on the market for trials riding.

DX Seat

I’ve been on my seat about 2 years now I love it, I just got a KH 29er and I get warmer faster on the Fusion saddle . I did have to replace the bolts holding it to the seat post (on the DX). A simple removal of staples though. Note: I do not do much SIF.

I really really hated this seat. It gave me a super bad rash from that plastic-leather crap on the sides, besides that is was alright. I could not ride for more than 10min without the insides of my legs itching and burning horribly from this seat. Then again if you wear cycling shorts you probably would bot have that problem.