torker dx seat

im just wondering what people that have a dx think of the seat?
i find that the seat comes up a bit high at the front and it some times hurts my you know what.

if you have a torker dx how do u find the seat have you changed it?

I put washer under the front of mine as well as cut the foam way down, and also replaced the terrible nearly abrasive cover.

If I wasn’t so lazy, I would round off the middle section a bit more… the corners tend to chafe a little bit after about a Kilometer… but I rarely ride distance anyways.

I loved my DX seat, I still do, I just replaced it with a KH seat with carbon fiber, because the dx cover doesnt come off ( well its not supposed to)
But I dont see why people were having trouble with it? Or maby your not riding BIF=Balls in front.

there are young people, and girls reading this… lol:o

ok, i had a DX … i broke the seat stiffener(who hasn’t) so i welded up a special one and its still going strong, but i got tired of the foam, so i modified it … twice. it ended up pretty aweosme until my little brother ripped it in half… best seat i have ever ridden( which is about 20)