Torker DX 20"

I want to buy a nice, durable, affordable trials cycle. I saw another thread where people were telling a guy to buy one. What do you guys think? I just don’t want to get it and find out that the hub is to weak to do anything with or the frame is weak or something. I also don’t want to spend 500 dollars on a Kris Holm cycle. Any Thoughts on the subject are appreciated. Thanks


go for it, the DX is a tank

Agreed, go for it.


Bad idea, save the money. In the long run you will definitely want a Kris Holm unicycle. Save money now and get the best of the best, because its worth it. I made the mistake of buying a crappy unicycle like that, and I spent over 1500 dollars upgrading and stuff over the course of 2 years. Dont make that mistake and buy the Kris Holm. Also the DX is terrible, I rode it and it feels so stiff and brittle, and it has no play. The hub and cranks on that are also terrible aswell as the frame and about everything else on it, other than the rim and tire. In my opinion I would save up and take the Kris Holm, and dont waste your time or your money. Plus, the KH is much lighter and is almost top of the line, and its cheap considering its performance and weight.

Choose wisely,


yea you’re right

Thanks harrison. I’m gonna find a job, save up and get a kh. I don’t want to get a “nice” uni and then all of a sudden have enough money for top of the line. That would just be a waste of 250 smakaroos. Thanks for you’re input everybody.


Yes damn those sturdy unicycles, they’re terrible I tell you, just terrible :roll_eyes:

I’ve rode both of the uni’s mentioned a lot. I’d say if you can’t manage to save up the $ then get a DX and upgrade the horrible seat to a KH street fusion gel, and you’ll have one hell of a uni. BUT…By that time you’ll have almost spent the same amount as buying a KH through If you can’t score one at that price anymore, then I’d personally bust your hump and get a KH for retail somewhere.

I love my KH20, and I’m pretty glad I got one instead of a DX…but I still do hop on my buddies DX and like it a lot…did I mention that the seat is a piece of hot steaming monkey S**t?


the KH is the stiffest, most brittle feeling unicycyle i have ever ridden, and the one I messed up the fastest(slight bend in the rim, you can see why by watching my video), but i will attest to it being the strongest unicycle (in every way but the seatpost) that I have ever ridden.

the hub and cranks on the DX have only been screwed up by 3 ppl myself included. they are TANKS, more profiles have been wrecked than DX sets you have to really try to kill DX sets.

if you want to save your money and get a KH its a better option. if you want a UNI NOW and can justify the DX over the KH it is DEFINITELY suitable for most riders and how good MOST riders will ever get.

a Kh is unneeded to tell you the truth. a DX will not break, stick with it. if you don’t like the seat, there are MANY tutorials on how to shape it down to fit your preference.

Wrong, KH under a medium pressurized tire and been broken in a little is the best machine against all terrain, whether its mountain, trials, street, and flatland. The DX is so tight and heavy, and all in all, its just a big piece of steel. Tell me, why do most of the pro riders or sponsored riders, ride some form of a KH unicycle? Answer: Because they are the best. I dont see a pro rider using a Torker DX (other than Cody in Spencer’s video- in which he snapped the frame). If you (skrobo) favour the DX, by all means, stick with your DX, but in the long run, you will see what a pile of junk it really is. The Torker DX was designed as a cheap, most basic trials or street unicycle out there, and it turns out that it is strong to a certain extent (because its all steel), and it does have two resonable parts (the rim and the tire). But, the only big problem is weight, and even though you say its “strong” it does tend to break, and the seat is terrible. In my opinion I cant stand riding a torker DX, and if I ever bought one, I would just take the rim and tire, and throw the rest away. I also currently ride a modified 07 KH unicycle, and it is amazing, the weight difference is beyond compare, and the performance is at its peak. KRIS HOLM rapes Torker hard- some form of Cody’s wording, with a slight modification.

Take your choice, but KH is the way to go.

I ride a KH
i have broken EVERYTHING on a DX

Sorry, I just scanned your post, didnt really read it. Anyway, good choice and I think that the other guy should go KH too. But you have to understand that you have excelled a great deal since you have been riding, plus you could be riding the KH way harder than you did the Torker. Which proves that the Torker breaks under minor stress, and the KH breaks or bends in your case under extreme stress.

Yeah the KH is the best stock uni but the DX isn’t nearly as bad as you make it out to be. Seems like you are just trying to justify the $1,500 you just spent on making your unicycle when someone could spend a 6th of that and get a decent uni. Some people can’t justify spending $1,500 on a unicycle and for them the DX is a perfect ride, its a solid ride and strong in all respects (yes even including the frame). I’ll be upgrading to a KH soon but my DX has served me very well for the time I’ve had it. I bought it used and its gone through two riders and the only thing which has broken is the seatbase, which believe it or not is the same one in the KH. If any of you out there can’t afford a KH or a more expensive unicycle then do not fret, the DX is an excellent unicycle which will hold up to your abuse and serve you well. It is not “terrible” or “horrible” in any respect. People will complain about the weight but it hasn’t stopped me from learning crankflips, double flips, 360 unispins, out spins, hickflips, various flatland tricks and countless others. Also, the stresses Skrobo was putting on his DX were certainly not minor, he did some really retarded stuff on that unicycle, side hopping down 11 sets. If anything what he delt to the DX was worse than what the KH has received now that his form is improving

sidehop down the 11 set was on the KH, and I landed it straight.

I agree with Brian. I’ve had my DX for almost two years now and it is still working fine. Mine did have that frame issue that has supposedly been fixed on the newer models, but other than the frame nothing has broken. All of the components are plenty strong for what I put them through.

I have riden a KH and the differences seem very minor to me. As long as my DX is still in working condition I won’t be buying an expensive upgrade, the difference in weight isn’t worth the extra $200.

(But if you want one for trials then I wouldn’t recomend the DX anyway. The cranks are too short…)

hahaha:D. That’s funny to me for some reason. Anyway, yea, i’m get the kh. I’m about halfway there. I’m just sad that aebikes kicked their price up to 499.99 like everyone else. But like I said, I don’t want to have any regrets. thanks for all of the input guys.


To understand A E Bike

Be sure to read both of the long A E Bike threads. Especially Cullins Posts.:wink:
May save you $ on a KH. Also, if cash is tight, consider buying a used Torker cheap. Riders buy a KH or Koxx second and might sell their first uni real cheap.
Koxx from renegade is worth checking out.:slight_smile:

very true, i just got mine and love it!

Were the spokes bad?

no,spokes were tight and all.
the nipples suck, i broke 4 of them in 1/2 while doing a slight true to the worst part of the rim.

DX is a great uni period. I have done 5foot drops plenty and other much much more and it has held up great. The weight is not that big of a deal I mean 2-3pounds is going to make a huge difference?! If your a pro maybe, but yeah the weight is not a big deal if it is for you go out to a gym and work out your legs. Also about the weight how about instead of a drilled rim you just take a shit before you ride and wear a skin tight suit like some trial like riders do in competition to cut weigh/drag.