Torker DX 20"

uni weight is much more important then rider weight

Whenever you try to spin the uni, it also spins the rider. It’s that “every force acting on an object will be opposed by an equal and opposite force” thing. A 100 lb rider will be effected by this twice as much as a 200 lb rider. :sunglasses: Just growing stronger or losing weight is not the answer.

the weight makes a huge difference.
i hopped 4-6" higher w/in a week of getting my KH

just E-mail em and they sell same price as before…duh…

if not its worth it to buy from UDC…

It’s a long story

But yeah, if you email Cullen he should shave more then 100$ off msrp. :sunglasses:
Also, consider that if you buy a used Torker for 100$, you should be able to sell it later for the same. Teach a friend to ride and sell it to them etc. Weight isn’t a big deal for a beginner. If you buy a lighter uni once you start to do more advanced tricks it should all work out good.:slight_smile:

wait a second. First off, who is cullen, I looked at the ae bike threads and couldn’t find any of his posts’. And how do i save myself a hundred dollars!? Could someone elaborate on this please. Thanks


Cullen posted from A E Bike on this thread

Weight was prolly a factor. I am willing to bet through there was also a physiological factor involved.

I think you mean “psychological” factors.

I also agree w/ Brian.

Even if you did break the frame (extremely unlikely on the 07), they have a lifetime waranty, and a one year waranty on everything else.

You are more likely to break the seatbase or post, but you could do that just as easily on any other standard equipment.

For most people the weight doesn’t make a lot of difference. But for some it’s worth it. MTBers often spend an extra $1000 w/ the main benefit being a pound lighter.

I agree the stock seat isn’t that comfortable but you can modify it w/ the help of the thread someone posted.

get a koxx one… they look better