Why do people where these shinguard type thingys?


Because the pins on some pedals will rip your shins to shreads

yea but specifically sixsixone. Do they have something special?


There cheap and they offer really good protection. Plus they look cool

just very good quality, motorbiker’s wear them and bmx

because they have the coolest name.

i think e39m5 makes too many threads look!

Lots of questions. their all decently unrelated too.


i guess your right!

Poeple choose sixsixone because they are prooven, there a trusted brand taht neer everyone has tried and knows they work, other than that they make higher quality gaurds and are just trusted more. I know ive been usin them for a good while, back in tha day when i did moto and bmx, i used them then too

coolest one’s I’ve seen thus far, that’s my motivation

They’re comfortable, offer great protection, have good ventilation… and they look cool and have a cool name. What more could you want?


Because they are very large, protect your ankle & shin & knee all at once, cheap, light weight but hardwearing and easy to get hold of. If you want something different but similar you could get some KH branded pads (basically identical) or Roach leg armour (again, basically identical).

Oh, and you get stickers with them, always a bonus.


i really like the fact that they have fabric over your calf. lots of Dh biking ones don’t. you don’t need it there for biking. that that’s a common place to hit a pedal. also the 661s are some of the most comfortable ones, and very affordable. if you look around you can usually find them for under $40, often under $30. and i know mine have paid for themselves. hell, 2 good whacks to the shins, i think pays for them. I’d pay $20 not to be hit really hard in the shin. wouldn’t you?

Yeah i’m not sure why unicyclists particularly go for 661, having said that i wear both arm an leg pads from them and have done for a couple of years, as do all my unicycling friends (like loosemosse). They just seem to get the job done cheaper than anything else.

This weekends BMW could just have easily been a 661 convention. A couple of years ago it was 50/50 roach and 661 but eveyone seems to have 661s now.

The extra protection on the calf is nice and they are comfy enough to wear all day.

Who doesn’t want to wear something called 661? I mean have you ever walked up to a guy and said " You wanna go wear some 661’s?" Everybody likes 661’s. There aint nobody that don’t like 661’s. I tell you what!

I prefer them over hardshell because I don’t need a big plastic thing over my knee. They fit well, they’re cheap, they have good calf protection, and they protect my knees.

Also, they sponsor unicyclists. How cool is that?

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but that was a good one

“you wanna go wear some 661s?”