heh, i have finals next week, this week is trip to wwashington week.

Yea, my schools messed up.


Try riding with the typical MTB leg armor that looks like soccer shin pads with a knee pad on top. You’ll quickly see the advantages to the Roach style leg armour and 661 style leg armor.

The Roach/661 armor wraps all the way around. That means that it also protects the side of your leg when it rubs against the side of the muni wheel. It also stays in place after rubbing against the wheel. The back fabric flap protects against pedal bites on the back of the calf. It’s the most sensible and practical style of leg armor for aggressive unicycling.

Downside is that since they are fabric they will wear out. They won’t last as long as the hardshell plastic leg armor. I get a year or two of use out of my leg armor before it’s time to retire them and get a new pair.