Top 5 Hardest Tricks (that I can do...)

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This was the most physically tough video to make so far :hot_face:
These are my 5 hardest tricks and I grinded so hard to get them for this video :octopus:

Thanks everyone!


Great video! Those tricks are no joke man! How do you know when you have landed a certain trick? I guess what I mean is how do you keep track of how many times the cranks flipped around or how many times the uni has spun? I’m not anywhere near doing this kind of stuff(doesn’t help that I don’t have a 20”) and I don’t really understand how you keep track.

Thanks for sharing that. As an older rider, who learned to ride in the 70s, became a Freestyle champion in the 80s and a decent professional performer in the 90s, I learned a lot of hard Freestyle tricks, but nothing as risky as all that aerial spinning/flipping/shin-risking stuff. Because a 1990s unicycle would break after about a half hour of even trying that stuff! I can honestly say with no embarrassment that I don’t think I will ever attempt any of those moves myself, and not feel bad about it. :open_mouth: Much respect to all of you who do.

Now to try to figure out some of my “hardest” tricks, all of which would be considered in the Freestyle category. One of the earlier ones I remember taking forever to master was Backwards Wheel Walk One Foot. Pretty pedestrian by today’s standards. Or a One-Foot spinning mount to one-foot riding (other foot never touches the pedal). Backwards coasting, One-footed figure-8 backwards with non-dominant foot (yes, I had a good reason to spend time on that). Huh. All pretty mild by today’s standards…


You asked jack but i’ll go ahead and respond to your question now that im logged in here :slight_smile: Landing the tricks require precision and knowing exactly where youve got the uni through the whole thing so although a double and tripleflip might be indistinguishable for an outside eye the one whos doing it and often others who have done that trick or similar ones will feel the different clearly

Ok, thanks, that makes sense. I hope to become an insider one day but that won’t be for quite some time.

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Wow, nice fifth secretside double flip! :uni2:

Hardest trick I can do is a 180 unispin …on a good day.

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me too but now I’m working on the outspin.