Too heavy to ride a unicycle?

The Torker LX seat is actually pretty comfortable (and easy to take apart + modify) - a huge upgrade from the CX.

I’ve rode my LX off of picnic tables (3’+) when I weighed 180lbs. I now weigh about 190, but the LX holds up.

I agree with everyone about getting a 24" Torker DX. If you’re just going to be cruising around town (school/work/whatever), then you’ll definately want something bigger than a 20" wheel. 24" is perfect for cruising and burning calories.

I hope we hear from you again sometime. It’s always good to have “one more of us and one less of them” (-GILD).

Just you wait! The dark side is powerfull there are few who can resist…mwhahahahahhahhahahahhaha slithers off to the darkness to practice 180’s mwhahhhahahahahahhaaa

Hey ook…

Care to participate in your own discussion? Have we inspired you to ride? Or have you gone away? If you are not here then we should stop bothering to talk to you.

I dnt think u need any protection when just learning to ride the only protection I were now is on my shins from when I started to uni spin but soon after I could 180 unispin I havnt realy needed my pads atall, even through learning 360 unispin the first time I hurt myself was learning to ride backwards after that it was learning 180 unispins but I think you learn faster if you have no pads, it doesnt restrict you and it teaches you to get it right or at least gives more insentive to get it right, if when ever you fell it didnt hurt and you just got back on it and fell off again you wouldnt worry about falling, if you fell and hurt yourself it would encorage you to get it right so it doesnt happen again, seems to have worked for me

fer seriously, unicycling has to be one of the most fun things that i’ve ever set out to learn…you can get all around town on it…it’s just a matter of time before you’re asking “which to get: nimbus 36 or coker?”

trust me, you’ll be there one day.

riding a unicycle is like riding a bike; you never forget.

You didn’t have to call me out like that sheesh. :frowning:

Warning you’ll lose weight! :astonished:

Other things to consider, some may not have the same starting balance as you. More weight landing on the wrist or head can do serious damage. Down time from a job may cause finacial harm. I started with all the safety gear and didn’t “use it” for it’s intended purpose, but I would still wear it.


I agree. Heavier people fall a hell of a lot harder (I should know, i’m not exactly light myself) and thus injure more easily than lighter people. It’s simple physics. I suggest a decent pair of wrist guards or gloves first and foremost, nothing has saved me so much pain as these.

BTW. Another vote for the Torker DX24 here. Great, bombproof uni for the $$$. I was about 210 lbs. when I learned to ride. Now I’m 175. Partly due to lots of unicycling and partly due to eating more sensibly. Unicycling, the most fun thing I’ve ever learned.

I agree. But for the riding I do now I never hit my shins so I only use my 661 4X4’s for muni. I always wear knee and wrist guards, and considering getting better ones and hip pads since I’ve mildly injured all these areas, even w/ my moderate kneepads.

Side note: dose anyone know if the KH Percussion armor has more knee protection than the 661 4X4’s, I don’t think there is enough protection there for me.

Starting to really wonder now where ook went. Started a thread that’s generated 3 pages of responses and still only showing 1 post, total? Ook, where are you? Is this helping? Did you get stuck on ebay trying to find a DX24?

Kevin you are stocky… It was a guest summer student. I had some sessions on the tennis courts on campus for them.

Hey why haven’t you been at club? Wednesdays 6-8 infront of old main!

I prefer “powerful.” I can lift a hundred pounds right over my head. (seinfeld reference)

I simply forgot this week…the last few weeks the weather has been poor and I saw that club was cancelled. I haven’t rode at all since Fall, I need to get back to uniing.

Excuse me?

I consider falling, landing on the ground, not on my feet.

Bailing is quite different, jumping away from the unicycle, landing on your feet to prevent looking stupid.

Yes, but I beat you to it. Ook, come back!

Maybe I scared him away by calling him a his words which I repeated back in jest (complete with smiley-face). I thought I was exceptionally nice to him. We all were. Ook! You are the true uni-poster.

Lol I’m still here! :smiley: I just couldn’t find my thread again… I wasn’t sure how to find all my posts I’ve made (even though I’ve only made one lol) and I couldn’t find it in the pages. But yeah thanks for the replies everyone, I am gonna buy the Torker DX. :smiley: Gonna have some fun

But yeah, I checked Ebay and all of them came out to about the same price as with shipping (or just a few bucks cheaper), there really weren’t any cheaper ones that I could see. So should I buy one off of Ebay or another place like I dunno, I’ve never used Ebay before… I don’t trust it lol :angry:

But anyway, I am definitely gonna have my Torker DX bought and ready to be shipped over here before this weekend is over :slight_smile: Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Ook, I’m so happy you are still here and that you are going to become one of us. I was worried about you.

I don’t think I would buy a unicycle on eBay. Usually, when someone spots a unicycle for sale on eBay, they post about it here. It’s hardly ever a good unicycle. I would say avoid eBay for unicycles.

Check the Trading Post forum here. Or They ship out fast, especially if you talk to them on the phone.

Good luck!

I did the Ebay thing for my first and waited many weeks for it to show. Being in Illinois, two days from Whereabouts in Illinois? There are several shops on the dealer list that may have what your looking for.