Too heavy to ride a unicycle?

Hey everyone :smiley:

I’ve been thinking about buying a unicycle, cause I always thought they were cool, and now I found this site and it really got me interested in it. It sounds fun and I would like to learn how to ride. But I got a question…

I guess it would depend on the type of unicycle you buy, but is there a general weight limit for unicycles? Cause I’m a fat bastard, I’m about 5"11 and at least 300+ pounds. :sunglasses: Would I bend or break the uni if I tried to ride it? I don’t think I would be jumping down stairs or MUni or anything, I’d just ride it around town and ride to school when I get good.

I don’t have a TON of money, I could probably spend about $200-$300 on a unicycle, if that makes a difference. Maybe less cause I’m just starting out and I don’t know really how I’ll like it. :thinking:

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Hi fat bastard, :slight_smile:

My weight peaked at 225 for a while. You are not going to break anything. Go for it. You have nothing to lose… except some weight. I’ll leave it to others for the technical advice. Welcome and good luck.

try the torker dx 24. it will NOT break on you because of your weight. it is right in the middle of your price range, look on ebay for torker dx. HAVE FUN!

Welcome to the forums and yeah get the 24inch dx and have fun!

Get yourself some real comfortable biking shorts, once you begin to ride, all your weight will be on the saddle. Spandex under your regular shorts does wonders. Don’t forget your helmet and wrist guards.

Wrist guards are a must when learning on the street… would have saved me a lot of pain and blood from the hands.

I never once fell when learning to ride.

First time I fell was a week into riding when I was trying static 180 hops.

yea, the tire max or the DX is 310 pounds so idk. Just fill it up all the way.

i have put wayyy more pressure than that on my DX tire … lol :slight_smile:

yea i guess get it, if it breaks blame him lol.
But yea he takes huge drops, so it can prolly hold you up, even when you start jumping a little.

Firstly welcome to the forums ook, Secondly you’re never too big boned to unicycle. Anyone who’s devoted and willing to learn can learn it. :smiley:

As for which unicycle to get, my answer would definitely be the Torker 24" DX. Seeming as i have 1 and it’s worth every $$$. :smiley:

So have fun, take care and enjoy
Your new friend. :smiley:

Get the 20-inch Torker DX.

im 250 and i ride both trials and muni…Weight never bothered me while riding.

Ook, Just wanted to say that I’m pretty heavy as well, around 225, and that picking up unicycling is a terrific choice. It’s especially a great decision if you want to get in better shape, as unicycling is excellent exercise. I used to unicycle very regularly and lost quite a bit of weight, then stopped for a year and a half (due to moving overseas) and gained a lot of that weight back. Now I’ve resumed and in the month since I’ve had another unicycle, I can already feel the pounds dropping and my body getting stronger. Good luck to you in learning and welcome to the forums!

I have so much less experience than everyone else here,

but I recently received a Torker DX from my wife. I learned to ride on my Nimbus II, and am just beginning to learn to trail ride on the DX.
It would think the Nimbus could handle your weight, and I find it easier to ride than the DX, plus it is faster for street riding.
The DX comes with much less skin friendly pedals, I won’t ride it without leg armor, but I can hop on the Nimbus any time (it is always available in my truck) and just practice.
I’m not your size, but I am only 3.5 months ahead of you on the learning curve. That is my experience so far.

isn’t the nimbus 2 only rated for 2 foot drops. which is probably test with some one under 200 pounds so (just a thought but i don’t know much) wouldn’t it only take very small drops for a heavyer person.

I had a student who was dangerously obese come to club. He tried the DX, Nimbus 2 and a cheap sun 24". We initially had trouble seating him because of his extra padding in that area. The seat had to be lower than we expected essentially, but he tried several of our club’s unicycles and was beginning to get the hang of it until the summer program ended and he had to leave town. I believe he has moved on to greater causes like grad school in organic chemistry, but I hope he finds his way back to his unicycling past. :slight_smile:

Oh…The unicycles held up just fine.

It is fun and great exercize. If you can find someone to learn with you, it’s even more fun. Have a great time and you will find a lot of encouragement here on the fora.

also… about the bike shorts, It is a good idea to wear something slippery and not binding between you and the unicycle, even when learning. I am too modest to ride in black spandex alone, so I wear really baggy nylon shorts over the spandex, jeans even in the cooler weather and the bike shorts really helps. Don’t expect to ride a long time without being uncomfortable… Take it 5 or 10 minutes a session, get lots of standing time in between for blood to flow.

I’d say definately go w/ a 24", it’s the best all around size.

I think a Torker LX (but seat sucks), or a Nimbus II would be fine, but with your size, you might break/bend parts if you ride off curbs w/ it. (I’m pretty sure both are rated to 10" or less drops by a 150 lb person, but I’ve heard of a guy 220 lbs making 2 foot drops to dirt, w/ no problems)

The Torker DX is extreemly strong and can be had for under $220 on e-bay.

Go DX 24"

I am 200+ pounds and ride on terrain that is abusive to equipment (lava cap). I drop 2+ feet regularly and my DX has held up just fine. My 2 cents worth is the DX is worth every penny. I too extend a welcome.

you can do better than that to a DX (minus the seat, you will break that)

I weigh 140ish
i have done an 11 set on a DX, its fine…ok, maybe not, but uhm… its not really broken yet…well the hub anyways, i broke everything else, but watch my video for a little explanation.