Today I Landed...

nice :roll_eyes:

today I landed some 1 spins

Cool, good job, but unless you have a video, post it here :wink:

This weekend my friend filmed me unicycling! He’s a good editor, so this has some nice editing I think. :roll_eyes: The riding’s terrible, because it was raining EXTREMELY hard.:o

Some of the editing was cool but overall I thought it was overedited lol. Nice 3spin, but you should try do them to seat in :stuck_out_tongue:

Great video! The editing makes it a good tutorial. So that’s what rain looks like. We don’t get a lot of it where I live.

I guess it probably was over edited…Why should I land 3 spins to seat in? Does it look better or will it help me get them more consistent?

Thanks! Haha sometimes I wished I lived in California! It sucks living in a temperate rainforest.:frowning: It’ll rain like that most of the days until March!

More consistent and helps with a lot of other tricks. Way smoother too. Anything landed seat in with the seat facing forwards is better.

Likewise with landing seat out when the seat is facing backwards.

I didn’t think your video was overedited. It’s a nice change for all the videos with boring editing (including mine). It was funny to see you with a human head. I’ve always thought of you as a human with a dogs head. It might have something to do with your avatar. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha! No that’s just a picture of my dog, not me! I laughed hard when I read that!

Maybe it’s time to change my avatar?

9ft gap!

:open_mouth: thats sick!!

where’s the vid though?

I will put the video up soon, this weekend. :slight_smile:

The bail is at the end;)

nice bail, i like you father(?) laughing xD

yeah lol once he knew I was okay he started laughing

go practice and land it loser! :D:D:D

Seven twenty? :stuck_out_tongue:

That was awesome eli. You’ll get em soon.

Funny too XD