Today I Landed...

Just before broking my finger on the other rail with the “kink”:

Wow nice. That was sick

big street ftw

that was smooooth!

lorenz that was sick!!

some days ago :slight_smile:

I think you got like a centimeter of height on that. NICE!

That was really cool looking. It looked like you didn’t even jump, and you just lifted the unicycle a little bit. Your body got 0 elevation haha.

It sorta looked like you just floated across the ground. Looked really cool and unique.

Thats what you get with a high seat.

Nice. But treys really are best landed to seat in.

its the unicycle;)

yah, but I decided to stop street and rails, I keep broking my bones… toes, fingers in particular. Its sure that grinding a rail is fun, but doesnt worth the risk anymore.

Ahah ! This guy with the clown wig is so funny ! He fell off because he was so impressed by your rail.


:smiley: isn’t that you?

Kona wah wahs arrived.

Why did I post this in the video forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Landed my first semi-decent flat combo today, it was
Push the wheel half a rotation forward, then push it back half a rotation, then rolling wrap, then a backroll out.

I felt proud lol. Especially cause I have a screwed ankle atm.

Called a push-mush or dan’s trick.
And if no video post this in RSU.

i landed backrollflip 180 and some other combos

nice :smiley: