Today I just..........

Today I just went out for a short muni ride with my dog and enjoyed being able to ride a unicycle.



Wow, your dog can ride a Uni as well? - I could sometimes do with a bit of company whilst riding myself - must try to teach my cat. - sorry, only kidding! - well done mate.
Regards - Rob - Likwidart.

…me too, a great ride with my 2 dogs (not sure they thought it was sooo great!! + I really should get the other one a coat as well).

Your other dog is a pretty good photographer! :slight_smile:

Splodge, your dog is quite close to the ground for being out in the snow, I could see why it wouldn’t be too happy, my Border Collie loves being out in the snow, she has more ground clearance.

Good to see you getting out despite the weather.