To Uni or not to Uni in MAUI

Hey all, I am heading to Maui on Sunday the 18th for a week and would like to know are there any places that are a must to Uni or Muni? And are there any riders from this forum over in Maui?

I was born on Maui, and frequently visit my family there. Whenever I go, I bring my trials uni. I like to hop around on the rocks at Lahaina harbor. I haven’t found any good muni trials, (and i did bring my muni once), but then again, I generally don’t leave Lahaina.

Be sure to go to BJ’s and say hi to Brenna, my sister.


I’m going to Maui on the 20th with my family for 5 days! And you live probably less than 10 minutes from me (I’m back in Granite Bay/Loomis for winter break)… WIERD! I have relatives in Maui, and my younger cousin has really gotten into unicycling in the past year. I also happen to be bringing my trials uni since I’m supposed to do a demo for my cousin’s circus arts class. But I plan to mess around a bit on whatever cool trials obstacles I find. If you do bring your uni, we should meetup and do a short ride (although I won’t be prepared for muni).

Oh yeah, and DayTripper, we should really meet… we live too close. Or do you know John Hooten? Maybe you’re already connected…



Hey Corbin, I was born in Oahu but never went to Maui so this is my first trip there and if your sister works at BJs maybe Ill stop in for a Pizza and say hi, and Jess where on Maui are you going? I will be at Kaanapali staying at the Kaanapali shores Hotel/condo formorly the Aston. I am planning on bringing my Muni or my Freestyle

I’ve worked alot all over Hawaii, but hardly ever got away from the beach, where we were usually filming. Several years ago we shot the Kite Boarding championships at Ho’okepa (Sp??) and drove up into the hills above there. There just has to be some great muniing on all those trails spilling down from the volcanic highlands, but I don’t know. The beach/trials/rock garden stuff would have to be awesome.

Have fun Jess.


Okay, ready for weird x 2? Daytripper already knows me, but I’m going to Maui too! Unfortunately none of us will be there at the same time. Actually I guess the two of you will. Interesting! I’m going in February. Our trip includes Oahu also, and I already plan to meet up with Danny there (we met him at MUni Weekend). As long as the unicycle is along, I hope to find a cool trail on Maui as well. I remember reading in the past about some trails on Haleakala that are popular with the mountain bikers. I recommend doing a search to see if there are any mountain bike sites, or trail recommendations for Maui.

So what and were is BJ’s? We’ll be staying in a condo near the marine museum (forgot the town name).

Anyway, I highly recommend you guys try to find the trails on Maui. I’m sure there will be some very interesting riding. Then don’t forget to report your findings here! :slight_smile:

hey John Thanks for the Idea on looking for bike trails
Heres a link I found

I guess I am bringing the Muni:D

BJ’s is a chicago pizza place on Front street in Lahaina. There is a picture of my sister here:

They make great pizza!

Jeez—those descents from Haleakala sound intense. Steady 10% grade is pretty steep.

Color me there some time soon. Next time your heading over Corbin, let me know. We’ll rock.


Alright Jess check your PM I got the Muni all packed up and ready to go flying out Sunday a.m. the 18th, call me if you want to ride

Well, back from Maui and i wish I was still there. Tried to do some Muni but all over the island the public use off road trails were all closed to bicycles etc due to erosion control is what I was told, I tried to muni where they do the horseback rides and was told NO as well, then I met a local in Lahaina that told me about the Pineapple feild accross the way from where we stayed and said it was private property but they only drove the feild once a day and as long as I stayed on the trails it would be fine, he also said he and others mountain bike and ride dirt bikes there as well, so off I went early in the A.M. before the family woke up.
Hey Corbin we made it to BJs for pizza and met your sister,
I also caught up with Jess (jester2000) and his nephew and got to do a little riding around Baldwin beach.
Next Maui trip is all about the Coker/360 I can see some good long Coker rides

I know this is an old thread but just wondering if there are any updates to MUni in Maui? Heading there tonight and packed my 29" MUni and hope to at least ride the Skyline Trail down from Haleakala as the guide book says it is a great ride on a mountain bike and beats the official road bike ride down that most people do. Also heard there are some sweet trails in Makawao. Please fill me in if anyone has ridden MUni in Maui and if so, the best trails. Thanks! I’ll report back here after I ride.

Is that trail bike-legal? If it is, will it be interesting enough for you? :slight_smile: In 2006 I rode a really nice trail in/near Polipoli State Park. This is up a very windy road that comes off the Kula Hwy (37). Not to be confused with the road up to the summit, but to the southwest of that one with similar switchbacks. I can’t remember where the trailhead was, but I’m sure the bike shops there can get you connected, or searching around on the Web.

I looked up my pictures from the ride, (starting with that one) and am reminded it was called the Waiakoa Trail. Sounds very family-friendly for camping. Here’s my MuniAddict-esque self portrait at the sign. It was great, spooky scenery and quite unlike what most people would expect to see in Hawaii. Remember this is about a mile above sea level.

The other place I rode was at the far southern end of the road that goes down the western coast past Wailea. Keep following the road as far as it goes, through lava fields that look very recent but are hundreds of years old. From the end of the road you can continue by uni, but it was harder going, with a lot of sand. Maybe not such a problem if you aren’t carrying a camera bag over your shoulder though… :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to share pictures of where you ride!

BTW, be aware of the dangers of the Haleakala Downhill. I highly DO NOT RECOMMEND the bike ride down unless you have motorcycle experience. You would probably be fine, Jamey, but it almost killed my dad, literally. Besides, wouldn’t you rather pedal?

There are a few people on Honalulu, including Critter (got from the uni map). I’ve seen Muni vids of him and Noli (what’s his handle :thinking: anybody?) riding good trails somewhere in the area.

According to the map Critter is still there, but I don’t know about Noli (he was in one of phthoruth’s recent vids).

It is a bike legal trail although a lot of bike companies claim it is illegal because it is for a commercial company to drop any bikers off in the National Park. They used to be able to drop you off at the summit but now they can only drop you off at like 6,000 feet or something like that. Looks like it’s not a very technical trail but all downhill so with a brake, a 29" and short cranks it might be a blast! Guess I’ll find out. I think it actually finishes on the trail you were riding in Polipoli State Park. There are a couple different trails to ride there. You didn’t say how the trail was? Looks cool from the pictures.

The sandy trail doesn’t sound like my cup of tea unless I get bored and can’t find anything else to do. Will be there for 2 weeks so you never know.

I’ve heard the downhill road bike ride is very popular but also very dangerous. Don’t know how I’d do on 2 wheels and would much prefer to do the offroad downhill down skyline instead. Hoping someone here has ridden it, if not I’ll ride it and inform you how it is.

Critter is definitely still around; I just did a ride with him in Oahu on April 19! Parts of the Puuohia and Maunawali Trails (hope I got that right). Lots of great roots, plants, scenery and a waterfall with plunge pool!