Titanium Uni

We have a custom Titanium Unicycle, 26 inch knobby…anyone interested? Super lightweight. :sunglasses:


Pictures and a lot more detail should drastically help your cause.

My offer: 1 buck incl shipping

This thread is worthless without any more specs or pics.

Dude, I’ve seen it! It’s an incredible uni, worth every penny!

Only Ti made by Dirt Uni.


Rockliz is my wife. She doesn’t do forums, and didn’t know how to post pics.

edit- seems I can’t post a pic either…

OK google dirt uni and click the bike mecca link (1st one)

If you want to post pix you need to upload them to a picture server, and then put the address of the hosted photo in the dialog for placing a picture in a post. You can use the gallery on this site to host your photo’s.

Some people just put their pix in the gallery, and a link to their gallery in the post.

If you are indeed interested in selling it then better pictures of the frame (showing welds and design), will be needed. Also since I imagine it will be expensive, then giving details such as aloy type, reason for choosing it, construction points (like bearing cap details), will all help people deside if they want it or not.

O and weight is key!


Sorry to excite folks, then give no pics or specs … I am a true forum novice. We will work on pics and specs today. Eugene at Dirt Uni built it for us.

Why not put the item in an ebay auction and then post the item number here? I would be interested in buying this (the frame in particular as I live in the UK, so shipping the whole thing would be expensive).

I got some pics in my gallery of the Titanium uni. :smiley:

here is the gallery

Hey, how about posting a link then. You really make things difficult for anyone who might be interested in the uni. If people have to search the gallery in order to see the pics that’s going to be too much effort for some of the lazier folks.
In case you didn’t know: You can also post pictures right here into the threads by clicking the “manage attachments” button. Then you can upload pictures from your computer. It’s very easy. If the pics are very large you’ll have to shrink them before uploading.

Edit: thanks turtle, that’s what I meant.

I didn’t even know what album she was talking about.

There are pics of entire uni now… I need help establishing what it is worth.
Not in the business and not up to date on parts and prices. Looking for you pro’s that know your stuff to help me find a fair price and work from there.

We have better pics up now of entire uni. Looking for you pro’s in the business to help me get a fair price. I have no idea what it might be worth. Included is pics of all parts and maybe someone can throw me a ballpark I can start at. Thanks This uni wants to go get muddy!!!:smiley:


The only really ‘valuable’ part of this uni is the frame. If you are prepared to put the frame alone on ebay with a Buy It Now price of $200 US dollars (with UK shipping no more than $50) I will buy it same day. The other stuff could then be offered on here as a seperate ‘lot’. If you decide to do this, personal message (PM) me, or post on here and I will buy it straight away, assuming no one beats me to it :slight_smile:

I have a peculiar fetish for well-made uni’s, in particular ti ones…